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We are currently looking for new members
and volunteers to update this web page.

The internet is a BIG place. These sites may lead you to places you may not have intended to visit. Please make sure your parents know you are using the internet and what you are doing on the internet.

In fact... even though it is totally uncool to do stuff with your parents, we'd also like their opinion about our site pages.

This page enocurages contributions and suggestion.
We want to build a great site.You know where the cool links are.
Tell us what we should add. Drop us a line:

Here's what we've got so far:

Interests: Hobby, Pet and Other Stuff
Astronomy, animals, aviation, natural and applied science
Fun Stuff: Games and Play
Sports, television, toys, video games.
Schools and Homework Stuff
School homepages, homework help.
Culture Stuff
Zines, stories, music and other arts.
Employment Stuff
Resume tips, interview tips,career planning strategy.
Organizations and Activity Stuff
Youth groups, environmental groups, help groups
Investment Guide.

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