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CCNA is volunteer led, not grant fed .....

We always need your time and energy and expertise, whether for a short time or longer. Give our office a call at 263-8080 or send an email to Consider joining one (or more) of these CCNA committees that could use your help:

Fund Raising Committee

Do you have money raising experience? Or are you just good at getting other people to give you money? We would like to talk to you!

Information Providers Committee

Would you like to help a non-profit organization develop an internet presence?Reach out and help a charity, give us a call.

Volunteer Coordinating Committee

Do you have great organizational skills? Can you delegate with flare? Are you proficient at patting volunteers on the back? The CCNA needs you.

HTML Committee

Do you enjoy making web pages? Would you like to create pages for non-profit organizations or develop a Special Interest Group page? Visit the HTML Committee's web page and see what has been done and what there may be for you to do.

Help Desk Committee

Can you explain over the phone or by email the ins and outs of setting up a graphical browser? Can you help the PINE confused emailer? Are you technically inclined and like to give assistance? There may be a spot for you on the HelpDesk Committee.

Technical Committee

Do you have a knack at getting routers and modems to work when they would rather zone out? Are you experienced with UNIX servers? Can you set up a pc faster than a cowboy can rope a calf? (Just kidding.) Ask about opportunities on the Tech Committee.

Education (Courses) Committee

Are you really comfortable using the CCNA LYNX browser and PINE? Do you make great home pages? Do search engines do your bidding and give you what you're looking for most of the time? Would you like to share your expertise with others? Inquire about teaching a course for beginners.

Newsletter Committee

Are you a strong need-to-know type person? Is there a journalist inside you screaming to get out? Look into the Newsletter Committee.

Public Access Terminal (PATs) Committee

Do you like to meet new people? Would setting people up with their own CCNA account give you warm fuzzies? Do you like helping people one-on-one and in-person? Talk to us about joining the PAT team.

Needless to say, you may have expertise that we have not identified ... don't be bashful about raising your hand!

Please visit the Bill Hanson Tribute Site. Bill was a long time volunteer with the CCNA.

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