Account Features

The Calgary Community Network Association has set a standard of account features for every account on its system. Each account holder must be a member of the Association. To become a member of the Association you must apply for ONE such  account via the on line registration form. Upon payment of the membership fee and presentation of some form of current personal identification your account will be verified. The membership fee may be waived upon receipt of a signed waiver request form found here. This form must be submitted to our office.

Please note: Memberships are Non-Refundable and Non-Transferable.

The basic account features are:

   - Access to text based information via the Elinks World WideWeb Browser) using a ssh terminal clientsuch as Putty.

   - A personal E-mail address (one account per person only)

   - Pine  Text based e-mail via Pine using a ssh terminal client such as Putty.

   - Web mail via Squirrel Mail using a graphical browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera etc.

   - Access to newsgroups:
        (TRN news reader client)(PINE news reader client)

   - Uploading & Downloading:

   - GoTo - User Specified URL

    - Elinks Bookmarks:

    - On-line "help" support  (helpdesk@calcna.ab.ca)

    - Over the phone "help" support for the local dialling area (403-263-8080)

- Voting privileges at any Special and Annual General Meeting of Members
  of the Calgary Community Network Association;

- Eligibility to run for election for a position on the Board of
  Directors at any Annual General Meeting of the Members of the Calgary
  Community Network Association;

- Eligibility to create and manage your own Home Page on the Calgary
  Community Network  computer system;

- Eligibility to become an Information Provider on the Calgary Community
  Network computer system;*

* Member must be a subscriber to the Unlimited Dial-up option.

Remote dial-up access is not included in the basic Calgary Community Network
account.  More information on Dial-up options can be found under the

 Dial-up Options link.

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Last revised September  2016 
Calgary Community Network Association