HTML Course (Personal Home Page Workshop)

A Personal Home Page HTML Workshop is now being offered to the general public with a special discount to the Members of the Calgary Community-Net Association. The HTML Trainers have worked as volunteers of the Calgary Community-Net Association building the Calgary Community-Net computer system and know what you need to learn about special HTML coding for your Personal Home Page. Our experienced Trainers will cover the proper coding techniques and teach you a few tricks of their own using Hypertext Mark-up Language (HTML). Your Personal Home Page resides in your personal Community-Net account in the home directory. The size of your Personal Home Page will compete with the disk space allotted to your account (which is approx. 850 k).

Again, the Calgary Community-Net Association is offering its Members this course for $45.00, which is over 50% off the full $95.00 price to the general public. The course runs for approximately 3 hrs.

For more information, call our office at 220-8915 or send an e-mail to cfn@calcna.ab.ca

Last Modified: March 22nd, 1996
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