Basic Access

You can access your  Calgary Community Network Basic account through another commercial provider which allows access to the Internet. You can access your CCNA e-mail via Webmail by entering your CCNA Username and Password.  You can download your CCNA e-mail by setting your E-mail client's POPor IMAP Incoming Mail Server to calcna.ab.ca and you can send mail from your e-mail client through our authenticated SMTP server calcna.ab.ca using SMTP Port 587 indicating that the server requires authentication and you enter your username and password.  Since you will not gain access through our dial-up modem lines,  there is no charge for the access. However, you must still become a member of the Calgary Community Network by paying the $10.00 per year membership fee and providing your personal identification information  The membership fee may be waived upon receipt of a signed waiver request form found here.

You can mail or deliver your personal identification,  membership fee and membership fee waiver form, if applicable. to the Community Network Office.

        Your personalized cheque is an acceptable form of identification.

Alternatively, you can pay your membership electronically via Paypal at
https://www.calcna.ab.ca/pubworks/about.html by selecting your account type and clicking
on the Pay Now button.  Payment via PayPal will generally be considered as an acceptable
form of identification when the name and address provided to us by PayPal coincides with
the information you have provided with your membership application.  Your will be
contacted for additional identification when this is not the case.


We will contact you as soon as your account becomes operational.

If you require more information or clarification, please call the office
and a volunteer will respond to your questions.


Last Modified: July 2018 
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