$35.00 Annual Dial-up Modem Line Access Fee

You will be able to get Dial-up access via your Calgary Community Network account through our Internet access number 403-774-5641, once we have received your personal identification and the $35.00 annual modem line access fee and your account has been verified. Note: The total fee is $45.00; $10.00 for membership and $35.00 for modem line access. You will be able to logon for two hours per day.

"Modem Line Access fee is Non-Refundable and Non-Transferable"

You can mail or deliver your personal identification and fees to the Community Network Office.

        Your personalized cheque is an acceptable form of identification.
        Please remember to write your chosen Username on your cheque. 

Alternatively, you can pay your membership and access fee electronically via Paypal at
http://www.calcna.ab.ca/pubworks/about.html by selecting your account type and clicking
on the Pay Now button.  Payment via PayPal will generally be considered as an acceptable
form of identification when the name and address provided to us by PayPal coincides with
the information you have provided with your membership application.  Your will be
contacted for additional identification when this is not the case.


We will contact you as soon as your account becomes operational.
If you require more information or clarification, please call the office 
and a Volunteer will respond to your questions.

Last revised September 2016 
Calgary Community Network Association