1. Banff Trail Seniors                                282-2234
     Banff Trail Community Hall,
     2115 - 20 Avenue N.W.
     Calgary, T2M 1J1.

     Hours:  Meets Wednesdays 1:00 - 3:30 pm.

     Social/recreation club.  Activities include cards, crafts. 
     Membership:  40+.

  2. Bowness Senior Citizens Club                       286-4488
     6422 - 35 Avenue N.W.
     Calgary, T3B 1S6.

     Contact:  Heather Otjes, Coordinator

     Hours:  9:00 - 4:00 Mon-Fri

     Senior drop-in centre.  Activities include dances once a
     month, trips, and other special events.  Classes include
     line dancing, tai chi, yoga, clogging, paper tole, ball room
     dance, calligraphy, and folk art painting.  Membership: 

  3. Brentwood Community 55+ Group                      284-3477
     c/o Brentwood Community Sportsplex,
     5107 - 33 Street N.W.
     Calgary, T2L 2A7.

     Hours:  Meets every Wednesday from 1:00 - 3:30

     Seniors' social group that meets mostly for bridge.  A
     member brings lunch.  Membership:  approx. 20.

  4. Confederation Park Seniors                         289-4780
     2212 - 13 Street N.W.
     Calgary, T2M 4P7.

     Contact:  Pat Tillotson, Administrator

     Hours:  Office 8:30 - 4:00 Mon-Fri

     A seniors drop-in activity and information centre. 
     Information services include filling of forms, income tax
     preparation, legal consultation, commissioner for oaths,
     assistance with government services.  A yearly Security Fair
     is held in the spring.  Health services include a visiting
     Community health nurse, hearing clinics, and podiatrist foot
     clinic.  A barber and hairdresser are also available. 
     Programs include exercise classes, dance, walking group,
     arts and crafts, and university courses.  There is a
     library, Next to New Shop, Craft Shop, carpentry shop, and
     travel department.  Membership:  approx. 2100.

  5. Daisies and Sweet Williams                         289-0168
     St. Gabriel's Anglican Church,
     504 - 30 Avenue N.W.
     Calgary, T2M 2N6.

     Hours:  Meets third Tues. of each month (except July,
     August), 2:00 pm

     Senior social club.  Membership:  30.

  6. DISBANDED - Mount Pleasant 50 and Over Club
     Mount Pleasant Hall,
     602 - 22 Avenue N.W.
     Calgary, T2M 1N7.

     Hours:  Meets Monday nights - doors open at 7:00.

     DISBANDED as of the spring/96 due to dwindling attendance. 
     Seniors' social club that meets for cards followed by a
     dance with a live orchestra.  Membership:  125.

  7. Highwood Seniors                                   289-9329
     Highwood Community Hall (no mail),
     Harlow Avenue & Hudson Rd. N.W.

     Hours:  Meets Mondays at 1:00.

     Seniors' social club.  Meets mostly for crafts.  There are
     no men in the group.  Membership:  20.

  8. Hillhurst Sunnyside Seniors                        283-0554
     Norfolk House,
     1118 Kensington Road N.W.
     Calgary, T2N 3P1.

     Hours:  Tues/Thurs afternoons

     Senior social club with drop-in activities such as cards. 
     Some day trips. Runs an outreach program.  Membership:  10.

  9. Huntington Hills Pioneers                          275-4294
     Huntington Hills Community Centre,
     520 - 78 Avenue N.W.
     Calgary, T2K 0S2.

     Contact:  Else De Groot, Coordinator

     Hours:  1:00 - 4:00 Tues-Thurs, 7:00 - 9:00 pm Wed.; open
     during summer

     Senior social club.  Social and recreational programs. 
     Membership:  90+.

 10. Keenage Club                                       277-5576
     Rosedale United Church,
     1317 - 1 Street N.W.
     Calgary, T2M 2S5.

     Hours:  Usually meets the 4th Thursday of eachmonth.  Does
     not meet in July/August.

     Senior social club that has been together 25 years.  Average
     age is 80+.  Meets for lunch or day trips.  Membership: 

 11. Montgomery Guys and Dolls Senior Citizens          288-3131
     4704 - 17 Avenue N.W.
     Calgary, T3B 0P5.

     Hours:  Meets Wednesdays 1:00 - 4:00 pm

     Senior social club.  Meets Wednesdays for bingo.  Every
     third Wednesday there is a potluck followed by bingo.  Club
     closed the last two weeks in August.  Membership:  approx

 12. Parkdale Nifty Fiftys Social Club                  283-0620
     3512 - 5 Avenue N.W.
     Calgary, T2N 0V7.

     Contact:  Bev Singbeil, Coordinator

     Hours:  9:00 - 3:00  Mon-Thurs

     Seniors' social club offering a wide variety of activities. 
     These activities include classes, drop-in programs,
     information seminars, income tax, and volunteer outreach. 
     Social activities are offered 2 or 3 times a week in the
     evening.  Classes are run in the morning and drop-in
     activities in the afternoon.  The outreach program consists
     of volunteers who visit isolated seniors in their homes or
     in the hospital.  The outreach program is limited to
     Parkdale and area.  Membership:  approx. 250.

 13. Rosedale Seniors                                   282-1135
     Rosedale Community Hall,
     901 - 11 Avenue N.W.
     Calgary, T2M 0C2.

     Hours:  Meets some Wednesday afternoons at 1:00.  Most days
     are just for bridge except the last Wed of the month.

     Seniors' social club.  Meets for bridge and has guest
     speakers on the last Wednesday of each month.  Membership: 
     approx approx 25.

 14. Rosemont Community Association Seniors
     Rosemont Community Association,
     2807 - 10 Street N.W.
     Calgary, T2K 1H2.

     Hours:  Meets Wednesday afternoons.

     Senior club that meets for lunch and then painting in oils,
     acrylics, or water colour.  Some people come just for the
     lunch.  Membership:  10-12.

 15. Salvation Army 55+ Group                           283-6986
     1705 Westmount Road N.W.
     Calgary, T2N 3M4.

     Contact:  Marilyn Shirkie, secretary

     Hours:  Every second Tuesday 11:30 - 2:30

     Senior social club.  Half hour bible study each week at
     11:45.  Social activities, guest speakers.  Three tours a
     year.  Membership:  65.

 16. St. Andrew's Seniors `In Group'                    282-5211
     St. Andrew's Community Hall,
     2504 - 13 Avenue N.W.
     Calgary, T2N 1L8.

     Hours:  Thursdays 10:30 - 2:00, Wednesdays art group 1:00 -

     Senior social club and art group.  Thursdays the members
     play bridge and scrabble.  They charge $1 for soup, fancy
     cake, ice cream, tea and coffee.  Wednesdays the art group
     meets.  Membership:  20.

 17. Thornview Seniors                                  275-0300
     Thorncliffe Community Hall,
     5600 Centre Street N,
     Calgary, T2K 0T3.

     Hours:  Mon 1:00 - 4:00, Thurs & Sat 7:00 pm with lunch at
     9:00 pm

     Senior social club.  Activities include ceramics, floor and
     table shuffleboard, snooker, carpentry shop, and day trips. 
     Membership:  300.

 18. Varsity Seniors Club                               288-9001
     Varsity Community Centre,
     4303 Varsity Drive N.W.
     Calgary, T3A 0Z7.

     Hours:  Mondays 1:00 - 3:30 plus last Friday in the month
     for lunch and whist.

     Seniors social club.  Monday meetings consist mostly of
     bridge and canasta.  Tries to plan one extra-curricular
     activity per month such as day trips or overnight trips. 
     Membership:  50.

 19. West Hillhurst Go-Getters                          283-3720
     1940 - 6 Avenue N.W.
     Calgary, T2N 0W3

     Contact:  Cassandra Towpich, Coordinator
     Carole Saviak, Administrator

     Hours:  8:30 - 4:00 Mon-Fri

     Adult 50+ drop-in and recreation centre.  Runs a variety of
     classes and activities including trips, carpet bowling,
     euchre, bridge, whist, canasta, scrabble, cribbage, crafts,
     Qi Gong, tai chi, line dancing and walking.  Bingo runs every
     Wednesday at 12:00pm. Other services include a visiting
     podiatrist every six weeks and a lawyer and reflexologist once
     a month. A luncheon is held the second Monday of every month. 
     Please visit our web site for more information:
     Membership:  300.
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