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December, 2001



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Bye-Bye 14K

Our 56K modem dialup service has now been available for almost a year. During this period we have kept 2 lines in 14.4K service to allow time for all users to convert to the 56K service. To reduce our costs we removed the 14.4K service on November 30th. 2001. We are requesting all members still using the 14.4K service to switch to the 56K service as soon as possible. Any member experiencing problems using the 56K service should contact us as soon as possible so that we can assist in the resolution of any problems.

 Ed Kuntz
IT Chair 


Get Out! 
Winter in Calgary Can Be Fun & Inexpensive

by Karl Wiebe

Winter is here. But why stay huddled up inside your house or apartment? There are plenty of fun things to do in the city and they don't have to cost very much.

Olympic Oval Speed Skating Check out for family skating info. The Oval is located right at the University of Calgary, and sports one of the best 400-metre speed skating ovals in the world. It also has a 450-metre running track. Two adults and two children can skate for only $9 total. You can also rent skates.

Calgary Zoo Have you ever been to the Zoo in the winter? Take a look at for info. They not only feature one of the best animal exhibits in the world, but also a botanical garden and a prehistoric park! On the website, check out information about "Wildlights", a very popular winter tradition. Adults get in for $9, and children under 18 are only $4.50.

Pengrowth Saddledome There are over 100 events a year at the Saddledome. Flames games, Hitmen WHL games, concerts, and now a professional Lacrosse team are all happening in the 'Dome. features information about the world-class facility, as well as a calendar with upcoming events. In December, for example, there are 15 events at the Saddledome. Support the local teams today!

Community Outdoor Rinks One of the best parts about Calgary is that it stays cold long enough to have some quality outdoor rinks. Take your stick and skates out to a rink near you and get involved in some shinny hockey.

 Olympic Plaza, Downtown There is free public skating downtown at the Olympic Plaza, located right across the street from City Hall. There is plenty of seating for doing up your skates and the price is right.

YMCA This health & wellness organization has been in our community for decades. Check out for info on recreation such as swimming and working out. There are many locations in the city. There is, of course, the YWCA for the ladies as well, at

Volunteer There are literally hundreds of opportunities to get involved in your community. What a great way to feel good about yourself! Visit Volunteer Calgary's -- -- huge web site or browse through the CCNA's Calgary Non-Profit Organization pages

 Calgary Public Library Sometimes you can "get away from it all" in the privacy of your own home. Spend some time at your library and browse some sections. Take home some books, CDs or videos, get comfortable, and enjoy some leisure time.

 Glenbow Museum Bookmark and visit it often, as the exhibits in this fascinating museum keep changing. Take a guided tour or just explore on your own.

In a city the size of Calgary, there is plenty to keep busy in the chilly months ahead. Do a little research and be part of the winter action!


 Support Local Music 

Hold Your Ground -- Activist CD

Local artists James Keelaghan, Tariq, National Dust, Dan The One Man Band, and Toupey Luft have pooled their talents together with other Alberta musicians to create the new cd, Hold Your Ground. Hold Your Ground is a collection of songs with social significance. CD sales go towards supporting community activism and the Calgary Activist Network. You can order your copy either by phoning Gerald Wheatley at the Bow Chinook Barter Community (403) 270-8002, or by E-Mailing

Los Morenos / Kris Demeanor Double-bill Concert

An evening with Los Morenos and Kris Demeanor promises to be a musical adventure. Two acts with very distinct styles, yet, unified by their ability to reach audiences with their passion and musicianship. Both have, in the past two years, performed at the Calgary and Edmonton folk festivals, enjoyed great success with their debut CDs, and are presently working on follow up recordings. 

LOS MORENOS - With their upbeat, rhythmic style of Rumba Flamenco fusion, Los Morenos have been carving out a name for themselves in Western Canada music circles. Crossing several stylistic barriers, the group's mix of traditional flamenco, contemporary jazz, funk, funk, rumba and Eastern sounds is delighting audiences and attracting a larger circle of fans who enjoy the varied sound and infectious dance beat. 

"Los Morenos have blended their cultural heritages to inspire the group's eclectic world influenced rhythms...Get ready to put on your dancing shoes!" RK, Edmonton Folk Festival

KRIS DEMEANOR - Kris Demeanor has a knack for seeing the unusual in ordinary
people and crafting songs that are strong in melody and energy and dense with highly original subject matter. His live show potently mixes the thoughtful with the frantic, and is served well by a band that includes Diane Kooch, Chantal Vitalis, and Peter Moller.

 "Kris is the most original songwriter to come out of Calgary. He writes a world populated with quirky and passionate characters. He's a good one." Les Siemieniuk, CBC's Definitely Not the Opera

CCNA: Calgary Music SIG Page in the News

The Calgary Community Network Association's Calgary Music: SIG made it in the news! Local news and entertainment magazine FFWD mentions Calgary Music as a good Internet source for local musicians. See: Street Sounds: Online resources for aspiring rock stars by Aubrey McInnis. A paper copy is also posted on the CCNA office bulletin board. 

Join the Community!

The Calgary Community Network Association is easy to join. Memberships are $10.00 a year!

 You have the opportunity to take advantage of great rates on various Internet connection accounts. Non-Profit organizations that become Information Providers have access to unlimited web page space. Newbies to the Internet can take advantage of our experienced volunteers. Plus we are involved in projects that could benefit from your support.

 The Calgary Community Network Association was established in 1995 (originally as Calgary Freenet). Isn't it time you joined?

Contact our Office Manager for more information.

Career Corner 

The Voice of the Calgary Hitmen Calls The Action

An Interview with Mark Stiles, Radio Broadcaster by Karl Wiebe

Mark Stiles can be heard on 960 THE TEAM, broadcasting Calgary Hitmen home games from the Pengrowth Saddledome. He also travels with the Hitmen on the road, calling many away games as well. His animated commentary is heard nightly by people all throughout Western Canada. I had a chance to ask Mark a few questions about his career with the Hitmen.

 CCNA: When did you first become interested in broadcasting and radio?

 Mark: I first became interested in Grade 12.

 CCNA: What education do you have? Where did you go to school?

 Mark: I have a Radio and Television degree from Confederation College in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

 CCNA: How much preparation do you do for a Hitmen hockey game broadcast? What is involved?

 Mark: A minimum of four hours preparation is necessary. An ideal day would include 8 hours for a three-hour broadcast. This includes reading everything I can get my hands on regarding the Western Hockey League and the opponent that night. It is very important to have memorized all the visiting players' names and numbers. On game day I will also talk to visiting coaches or broadcasters to get a sense of the team and how they are playing. You can never prepare enough. 

CCNA: Other than broadcast the Hitmen hockey games on the radio, what other responsibilities do you have?

 Mark: I am responsible for Hitmen Sponsorships (marketing agreements) as well. 

CCNA: How did you get started in radio? What was your first job in the industry?

 Mark: I graduated from Confederation College and then returned home (Sussex, New Brunswick) and worked for CJCW. A small station in a small market, great start, no regrets.

 CCNA: What hockey teams were your favorites when you were growing up? Who was your favorite player?

 Mark: Favorite team: Boston Bruins. Favorite players: A tie between Gerry Cheevers and Tony Esposito. 

CCNA: What is your professional highlight or favorite moment with the Hitmen?

 Mark: Winning the Western Hockey League on May 7th, 1999. The building was 100% sold out. 17,139 screaming fans.

 Be sure to follow all of the Calgary Hitmen this season at, and on the radio - 960 AM "The Team".



Giving Back to the Community
Donating Blood Can Make A Difference

by Karl Wiebe

 If you are ever in an auto accident, a victim of a violent crime or mishap, or have complications while in the hospital, you could very well be the recipient of someone else's blood. The average Canadian has the opportunity to literally save lives by donating blood and blood products.

 But what exactly is involved in donating blood? Who can donate? Eligible donors are usually between 17 and 61 years old and weigh at least 110 lbs. They are in good general health.

When you arrive at the bloodservices clinic, one of the friendly staff will ask you how you are feeling. If you have a cold or if you are feeling sick, or if you have had any major illnesses, it is important to tell them. It is also important to eat and drink well on the day of giving blood. A specialist will prick your finger. They squeeze your finger and a couple drops of blood are used for an iron test. You then fill out a questionnaire that asks about your medical background.

 After filling out the form, you sit with a nurse in a confidential little room, just the two of you. She will take your blood pressure and pulse and ask you a few more confidential questions. If at any time you feel like you shouldn't donate, you just tell them and the whole thing is over.

 Eventually you make your way to a room where specialists are drawing blood. There are about 10 recliners. You have a seat in one of the comfortable chairs and the specialist begins to draw blood. It usually takes about 15 minutes to fill up the bag and rest. I was very nervous the first time I donated, because I don't like needles. But I could barely feel the prick in my arm, and it actually didn't hurt at all. I donate regularly (every two months or so) and the staff at the blood services clinic are always friendly and professional. 

After giving one unit of blood, they take a few vials for testing and then you are free to go to the little cafeteria. There are cookies, juice or soda, all for the taking, and often they will even give you a sandwich or some soup for dinner. The whole procedure takes about an hour from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave. Check out their website today and see if you are one of the Canadians who can really make a difference.



Volunteer Opportunities

The Calgary Community Network Association is currently looking for volunteers for the Help Desk. Good interpersonal skills, wide computer experience (or someone keen to learn), and a willingness to help beginner Internet users would make you an asset.

 The Calgary Community Network Association has several other volunteer opportunities available, as well. Take a look at our Volunteer page, or for more information contact our Office Manager


WWW Sitings

The Calgary Community Network Association is a world-wide Internet community. This portion of the newsletter is reserved for web sites that members have found especially interesting to visit. If you wish to have your favorites listed here, send us an e-mail with the URLs. If you like, you can also let us know why you like them.

Star Trek - Enterprise 

by Karl Wiebe

 As the newest Star Trek series Enterprise launched this fall, it was no big surprise that instantly a number of web pages have surfaced that showcase the cast, crew and episodes.

 This website at is very comprehensive, listing every Enterprise episode to date, as well as a comprehensive list of the cast. With a basic black background and lots of small pictures and text, it is easy to maneuver and navigate. 

Basically, Enterprise takes place in the 22nd century, before the Captain Kirk days (the original series that ran in the 1960s). Humans are still getting to know their fellow Vulcans and haven't seen many alien races, so everything "out there" for the Enterprise crew is new and exciting. The transporters don't work so well, and they use "phase pistols" instead of the futuristic phasers that Star Trek fans have seen. The leader of the Enterprise crew is Captain Jonathan Archer (played by Scott Bakula, formerly of Quantum Leap fame). His first officer is a female Vulcan named T'Pol, who is often at odds with Archer, as her logic doesn't necessarily run parallel with Archer's sense of wonder and ambition to explore.

 This website includes biographies of all the cast, has an extensive photo section, as well as a "news releases" and message board section. If you like Star Trek, or want to learn more about this new series, check it out!

Other Recommended Sites

Contributed by Murray Nicholson
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  2. Kursk Lifting Operation 
  3. Amazing Caves 
  4. Quebec Winter Carnaval 
  5. Stone Pages 
  6. Good Will Games 
  7. La Tour Eiffel 
  8. Iditarod 
  9. Good Things 
  10. Olympic Games 2002




Little Ha-Ha's

Signs Your Coworker is a Spy
  • No one will carpool with him since that ejector seat incident. 
  • He and his girlfriend Natasha keep threatening to "make big trouble for Moose and Squirrel." 
  • His twin, who looks just like him except that he wears black, keeps coming in at lunch to booby trap his cubicle. 
  • You could swear he used to look just like Sean Connery, but now he's the spitting image of Pierce Brosnan. 
  • His shoe has a setting for either "Ring" or "Vibrate." 
  • He asks you to pull his finger -- until it clicks. 
  • He introduces himself as "Bond... Jame-- Er, Finkelmeyer... Junius Finkelmeyer." 



For more laughs
visit the Calgary Community-Net 
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