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Vol. 1, No. 9,
November 15, 1999
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The HTML Committee
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*CCNA Web Monkeys:
The HTML Committee

web mon'key (web mung'ké) n (1999) 1. one who creates, repairs and maintains web pages, much like a grease monkey works on automobiles. 2. web page designer. 3. web site manager. Also: web tech, cybermonkey.

The web monkeys on the HTML Committee are kept very busy. Aside from maintaining links on the CCNA subject and Special Interest Groups pages, volunteers help non-profit organizations develop their Information Provider pages. They also assist the HelpDesk with HTML related questions. If you are a member of CCNA and are interested in making your own personal web page, the HTML committee suggests you see the information for personal home pages.

Recently the HTML Committee has updated the Help/FAQ page. Currently they are working on designing a new Welcome and Main Menu page.

The HTML Committee is looking for volunteers to assist with the following projects:

For more information contact the HTML Chairperson by e-mailing

CCNA Web Site -- A Popular Place to Visit

People from across Canada and from all over the world visit the Calgary Community Network Association web site. It was found that the busiest time period for CCNA use occurred between 8:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. If you choose to add your web page to CCNA, you'ld be in good company and you could receive a lot of exposure.

Who visits CCNA the most is determined by the URL of the visiting agency. According to the CCNA's October statistics networks (or visiting agencies that have URL's ending with .net) visited the CCNA web site the most. Next came commercial visitors, then educational, government and non-profit organizations.

Who in the world visits the CCNA site:
By country:
  1. Canada
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Australia
  4. Netherlands
  5. United States
By continent (outside of North America):
  1. Europe
  2. Asia
  3. South America
  4. Middle East
  5. Africa

Top 15 most visited pages on the CCNA server:

NEW! On the CCNA Web Site

The Seniors SIG now features live chat, a message board, link-for-all and FREE classified ad in the Community part of the page.

Recently updated:

Your Own Web Page -- Getting Attention

Everyone is talented, original and has something important to say. -- Brenda Ueland

There's no bigger thrill for the virtually creative, aside from creating your own web page, than seeing how many people have visited your web page. Software abounds (see
Tucows, that will make the process of web page creation easy. There are numerous Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that will house your brain-child. For instance, a CCNA Membership includes space to place your own home-page. See the information about Personal Home Pages .

*The tricky part to achieving ratings is to get people to visit. You want them to tell their friends what a great site you have, and you want them to keep coming back.

A lot depends on your subject matter, but here are some tips that might help you get noticed:

  • Use META tags -- HTML code meant to attract search engine spiders that roam the Net. It's not the most proactive way of getting attention.

  • Register your URL. -- Most major search engines will allow you to add the URL of your site to their search index for free. In most cases registering is painless and simple.

  • KISS -- Keep it simple. It's very possible to have a progressive, flashy web page. However, most people will move on if it takes more than 10 seconds for a page to upload. To accommodate a wide range of browser versions, rule of thumb suggests that the total size of a single page be no more than 40K, including graphics, etc. Also, if you can't tell by a quick look what your page is about it's not likely people are going to stick around to explore.

  • Piggy-back -- people on the Net love to share. Find a popular web site that likes to collect pages like yours. Ask the Webmaster if it's okay to link to their page and if they would be interested in a reciprocal link to your page.

  • Join a Web Ring. -- Web Rings link together like-minded web designers to form a subject ring of web sites.* To get a better idea of what a web ring is like type "Web Ring" in your favorite search engine.

  • Tend it like a garden. -- If you take care of your web page, weed out dead and outdated links and regularly add new information, interest in your page will grow.

Finally, itís sort of like the Kevin Costner movie, Field of Dreams, if you build it they will come. Keep it current and interesting and they'll keep coming back.

Keep the Calgary Community Network Association viable
-- please donate generously.


There are tons of "freebie" pages out there. What we will attempt to do in this five part series is bring you the good stuff. Part 1 focused on freebies related to computer performance software. In Part 2 we covered Internet communication freebies. For Part 3 we viewed sites offering educational freebies. In Part 4 we get artistic with free web graphics and free music sites. For our grand finale, Part 5, we bring you the Internet Flea Market (a freebie free for all); pages that collect freebies from around the web.

Freebies Part 4:
Graphics and Sound

Graphics and sound can do amazing things to a web site. They can bog down your information, killing any interest in seeing what your page may have to say. They can also grab your viewer's attention and draw them along your web site. There are all kinds good sources of free graphics, music, and sound to enhance your creativity. Even if you don't create web pages there are some inspiring artwork and music places listed, as well. Listed here are just a few. Please note that some creative endeavors come with copyright restrictions. If you plan on down loading any graphics, music or sounds for web page use be sure to check whether you need permission from the creator first.





* * *

Calgary Community-Net Membership Discounts!!


$50.00 off
(or better)

Sound Decision, Calgary's premier Disc Jockey service, will offer a discount of $50.00 off (or better) for Calgary Community Network Association members.

Visit the

Members Discount



HelpDesk Needs Help

The current number of requests for assistance with PPP set-up has the four person HelpDesk team and the office staff overwhelmed. The HelpDesk requires persons adept at PPP set-up. If you'd like to help out, contact the HelpDesk.

? ? ? ? ?

Did You Know?

Did you know that chances are, you have useful programs on your computer you didn't even know were there? You also have programs you don't need that are eating up valuable hard disk real estate. The solution? Take an inventory!

It's easy.

  • Just create a folder on your desktop called PROGRAM SHORTCUTS,
  • launch the Win95 Find utility (Start/Find/Files or Folders),
  • type *.EXE *.COM in the Named box,
  • then click on the Find Now button.
  • After Find is finished with the search, choose Select All from the Edit menu and drag and drop all the files in the Find window into your new desktop folder.
*Now you have a folder with shortcuts to every program on your Windows PC.

(Before proceeding, make sure you have a good backup.) Now, one at a time, double-click on each shortcut to find out what it is. Once the program is identified, you can find and "uninstall" the program if you don't want it or move the shortcut to another folder if you do.

Remember, if you're not absolutely sure, don't delete it. Always try uninstalling a program before you try deleting it manually.

To uninstall: (Start/Settings/Control Panel/Remove Programs/Uninstall). "Uninstalling" properly removes and updates shared "dll" files and consequently ensures that all your programs will run properly after removing an unwanted program.

Thanks to Robert Chong for this tip.

* * * Input

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  • CCNA, Y2K Compatible?

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