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Vol. 1, No. 8,
November 1, 1999
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Education on the Net
Did You Know?
Members Discounts
Out of Curiosity
Word From the Board

What's Going On?
* Word From the Board

Information Provider packages are now available at the CCNA office for non-profit organizations wishing to acquire an Internet presence.

The Information Technology Committee is meeting with the University of Calgary tech people to find ways of upgrading the CCNA's modem speed to 56k. They are also looking into ways of increasing e-mail space for CCNA members. Currently the allotment is 800k.

The HTML Committee is currently discussing changes to the CCNA web site.

The Ogden Seniors have bowed out of hosting a PAT site as they felt a computer lab for word processing would be more advantageous to their members.

The Education Committee is currently inactive. The Chairperson had to step down due to health considerations.

A bit of an executive position cabinet shuffle has occurred:

  • Ralph Barwise officially tendered his resignation from the Board, effective October 31.
  • Wendell Richards was newly appointed to the Board to fill Ralph's space.
  • Pat Lawrence is now Vice President to the Board.
  • Shirley Barwise's title has changed from Office Manager to Executive Director.

FOR MORE NEWS AND DETAILS -- the minutes to Board meetings are available for membership viewing at the CCNA office (now located on the S.W. corner of the 4th floor of the Calgary Public Library's Central branch). A membership card must be presented.

Education on the Net *

If you look at CCNA's Guiding Principle and Objectives, you will learn that education is an important part of why CCNA exists. Education using computers is the theme of this article and we'll show you just a glimpse of what is possible.

* Correspondence Courses

Have you ever been interested in learning more by taking a course or studying on your own? Consider taking correspondence courses by e-mail as a viable solution to learn with any hectic schedule. It is even possible to learn while travelling.

By e-mailing your assignments, you get a more immediate response from your instructor. They in turn can respond with more detailed and written comments at their convenience. You don't have to worry about making long distance calls or photocopying your assignments in case they get lost or damaged in the mail.

When a course is taught by correspondence using e-mail, it becomes possible to locate good courses from around the world. It is also a good idea to look at international courses since they may not be offered in your country.

* Teaching Yourself

Someone once said that standard schools deliver a standard education but the best education is self-education. For starters, you're not limited to a course's set curriculum or time table.

Self-education can also prepare you for a difficult course by enabling you to explore better and more interesting questions. Sometimes the only way to learn is to just dive in and create some projects. Computer programming is a good example of this. Before taking a computer course, it may be best to search the internet for computer programs or "How-To" websites that give you "recipes" on how to create program functions.

On the topic of recipes, there are also many websites on cooking and nutrition. You can also teach yourself a language by using free programs at and continue with your education by reading foreign newspapers or websites.

To get more information and ideas, visit the Education section at CCNA.

The Calgary Community Network Association makes internet information available to all through FREE public internet access and LOW-COST internet connections.
Keep the CCNA viable -- donate generously.


There are tons of "freebie" pages out there. What we will attempt to do in this five part series is bring you the good stuff. Part 1 focused on freebies related to computer performance software. In Part 2 we cover Internet communication freebies. For Part 3 we view sites offering educational freebies. Then two weeks later in Part 4 we get artistic with free web graphics and free music sites. For our grand finale, Part 5, we bring you the Internet Flea Market (a freebie free for all); pages that collect freebies from around the web.

Freebies Part 3:
Educational Freebies

There's a world of free knowledge to be gained on the Internet. Almost anything can be found using a good search engine. For instance the new Google search engine will give you all kinds of good kids stuff using the keywords kids and educational or just education or your subject and the word lesson. The following are a small sample of what you could find:





Web Sites for Kids:

Wow! Look at all this stuff:

Search Engines

Calgary Community-Net Membership Discounts!!

* Zak at Hasmarc Computers is happy to provide CCNA members a special discount on many items.

Hasmarc guarantees top quality merchandice, value pricing and the best service. Bring your CCNA Membership Card along with you when you need something new or different for your computer!

Visit the

Members Discount

page for details!


HelpDesk Needs Help

The current number of requests for assistance with PPP set-up has the four person HelpDesk team and the office staff overwhelmed. The HelpDesk requires persons adept at PPP set-up. If you'd like to help out, contact the HelpDesk.

? ? ? ? ?

Did You Know?

*The season for cards of all sorts is fast approaching. Do you know where your mail should go? Confused about addresses? Check out the Canada Post site, which has helpful info about rates, regulations and most usefully, a search engine that allows you to look up postal codes quite easily. A word of caution - the search engine prefers to see NE rather than N.E.

Lost your address and can't find the phone number for that special person? Check out the many text friendly CCNA Telephone and Address Search engines for both white & yellow pages, as well as email addresses; within Canada or worldwide.

*Out of Curiosity...

The cat's out again and asking:

What have you learned from the Calgary Community Network Association?


What do you expect to learn through the CCNA?

Send your response to the CCNA Newsletter crew. This is a private poll; no names will be released.

* * *


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All e-mail received by the CCNA News will be considered newsletter fodder unless requested otherwise by sender.

Coming up in the next issue:
  • The HTML Committee
  • CCNA Web Site Statistics
  • Your Own Web Page

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