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Vol. 1, No. 5,
September 15, 1999

"The best things in life are free..." sure they are.
Meet the Fund Raising Committee

Free PATs, free web site designing, low cost internet connections -- all are wonderful things offered by the CCNA, but the bottom line has it that these things aren’t necessarily free to set-up and maintain. The CCNA has usually received funding through CCNA memberships and donations by individuals, local philanthropic foundations, and corporations.

In the past, fund raising was a function of maybe a couple of members of the Board. Now, the entire Board monitors the use of existing funds while the main focus of getting money needed to provide and improve upon CCNA services goes to the Fund Raising Committee.

* The committee, so far comprised of 5 Board members, investigates funding possibilities including preparing and submitting detailed grant applications to various government and foundation programs. One grant application can take 10 or more hours to prepare. The committee also provides reports to donors when required.

So far the committee has investigated foundations and government programs such as Smart Communities, Volnet, Urban CAP, Wild Rose Foundation, and the Community Learning Network.

They are also looking into reviving the Merchant-Member Discount Program where participating merchants provide discounts to CCNA members. In return merchants would be included on the CCNA Member Discount web page and in the CCNA Newsletter.

If you would like to join the Fund Raising Committee or have funding ideas, contact the CCNA office by e-mail -, phone - (403) 263-8080, or fax (403) 263-8083.

The CCNA is currently volunteer led, not grant fed. Volunteer today!


There are tons of "freebie" pages out there. What we will attempt to do in this five part series is bring you the good stuff. In this issue, Part 1 focuses on freebies related to computer performance software. In Part 2 we cover Internet communication freebies like Hotmail, newsgroups, and chat sites. For Part 3 we view sites offering educational freebies. Then two weeks later in Part 4 we get artistic with free web graphics and free music sites. For our grand finale, Part 5, we bring you the Internet Flea Market (a freebie free for all); pages that collect freebies from around the web.

Freebies Part 1: Computer Performance Software

The Internet is a flourishing wilderness of freeware and shareware software. However, they may not be as free as you would want. Some shareware pages may require you fill out a consumer profile form when you sign up. Freeware might be free only for a trial period. When your time runs out, the program stops working and prompts you with an order form. Still, this shouldn’t stop you from using the Internet to solve a computer problem or enhance what you have.

* For instance, probably one of the most frequent problems with a computer occurs when newly added equipment or software doesn’t work. Frequently, this is caused by improper or outdated drivers (software that tells your programs how to communicate with your computer equipment). Fortunately, updated drivers are free and can be located at either the manufacturer's web site or at web sites that collect drivers, like is one of the best sources for freeware, shareware, and tips for fixing common Windows problems. The Naked PC is dedicated to helping people be more productive with their computers., and Tucows have programs that range from improving Windows' performance to speeding up your Internet connection. In search using the keyword "speed" and then select the program for your computer.

Screen savers come free from many sources and serve many purposes. Some may promote products or movies, make your monitor last longer, or scan the cosmos (like Team Calgary SETI).

Do you have a favorite computer freebie site that you would like to share. Send the URL to us and we’ll post it on future issues of the CCNA News.

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Quick Search Tips **

Search engines can sometimes make you feel like a mouse in an exercise wheel. You’re doing all the right moves but you’re getting nowhere. With text only browsers you often have the added fun of deciphering a dog’s breakfast of graphic coding.

If you’re a CCNA Member you already know that the Search Tools page has stars indicating which engines look okay on LYNX browsers.

So, how do you get them to work?

  • Know what it is you are looking for.

  • The KISS principle usually works well -- Keep the Search Simple. Pick one or two words that best describe what you seek.

  • Further define your search with plus signs [+] for keywords or quotation marks "" around phrases. These indicate that these words/phrases must show up on pages searched.

  • Pick the right search engine for what you need. You wouldn't use an image search engine if you're looking for a telephone number.
Links to check out:
? ? ? ? ?

Did You Know?

* There is a flight simulator program hidden inside Windows Excel. To access it, follow these instructions:

  1. Open Excel.
  2. Make sure the Chart Toolbar is checked on. To check, open the View menu and click on Toolbars. If "Chart" is not selected, click on it to select the toolbar.
  3. Press the F5 key.
  4. In the Goto box that pops up, type $L97:$X97 and hit enter/return.
  5. Press TAB - this highlights cell M97.
  6. Hold down SHIFT & CTRL and then click on the CHART WIZARD ICON (5th button on the top standard toolbar) in the standard tool bar.
  7. SLOWLY release the left mouse button. Note: this step might not work with an older mouse.
Tadaa! A flight simulator program is running. Use the arrow keys to move about in the program.

To exit the simulator just press the ESC key.

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Tune in to the next issue:
  • Communicating Over the Net
  • Committee Profile: Volunteer Coordination
  • Communication Freebies

Coming October 1, 1999

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