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Vol. 1, No. 3,
August 15, 1999

Gotta Luv Those Guys

* HELP! When CCNA members feel like chopping PINE to bits or strangling LYNX many contact the Helpdesk Committee instead. It's one of the longest running volunteer committees at the Calgary Community Network Association.

The Help Desk crew -- Doug Huber, Jerry Leung, and Michael Walters -- answer technical questions, or sometimes questions about Calgary in general, either by phone or by e-mail. If they don't know the answer they find someone who does.

* * *Occasionally, a mis-directed e-mail makes life for the Helpdesk volunteer interesting -- like the one a passionate Miss obviously meant for her boyfriend. To see more typical questions take a look at the Help Page [].

The CCNA is volunteer led, not grant fed. Volunteer today!


*The hypertext markup language (HTML) used to create web sites consists mostly of code for describing how pages look, not detailing their content.

XML (for eXtensible Markup Language) could make the Web smarter. Rather than focus on appearances, XML codes describes the content of web pages to make them easier and faster for search engines.

XML content tags can make exchanging important data like medical diagnoses and prescriptions over the Web much more commonplace.

Microsoft is using XML in its upcoming Office 2000 software. Sun is modifying Java to work with XML documents. Some telephone companies are using XML to make web content accessible by telephone.

For more information visit:


Come Play!

Flip out on some culture and be entertained. Have a look at these great web pages presented to you through the Calgary Community Network Association:

Visit the CCNA Helpdesk page or contact the volunteers on the CCNA Help Desk:
Phone: 263-8080

? ? ? ? ?

Did You Know?

That you can postpone e-mail composition in PINE by pressing the Ctrl and letter O keys. Press C and then Y (for yes) to resume writing your e-mail message whenever convenient; even after you've logged off and then logged on again.

That there is an easy way to remove your unwanted homepage files from your CCNA account. Go to About Your Account/Manage Your Files from the CCNA main menu, then go to Personal Files. Click your mouse cursor on the file you want to delete. Be careful to choose the right one! Next type "R" to Remove then "Y" for yes or "N" for no. Deletion is permanent and right away.

Thank you, Jerry Leung, for the homepage file Did You Know? tip.


Who uses the Calgary Community Network Association?

Students, seniors, immigrants, travelling e-mailers, the unemployed,
new internet users, non-profit organizations, www surfers . . .

YOU do!*

Keep the Calgary Community Network Association viable -- please donate generously.

* * *


Dear CCNA News,

Congratulations on the second launch of the newsletter. It is something that the members and account holders have needed for a very long time. This is what keeps us in touch! Bravo! Looking forward to the next "issue"!

Coleen Marenich

So how are we doing? What would you like to see in your newsletter? What would you like to know? What would you like to share? This is your spot. Drop us a line at:

All e-mail received by the CCNA News will be considered newsletter fodder unless requested otherwise by sender.

Tune in to the next issue:
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Peter Williams, Wanda Martin and Heather Richards
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