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Vol. 1, No. 2, August 1, 1999

Standing Room Only!

* * * I've got the hanging by the PATs,
Waiting to check my e-mail, blu-u-u-es.

The Public Access Terminals (PATs) at the downtown Central branch of the Calgary Public Library connects on average 1040 people to the internet, FREE, each week. The Kerby Centre, Calgary Native Friendship Centre and the Old Y combined serve 175 people per week. The CCNA office manager and PAT volunteers are unproclaimed white hatters for many Calgary tourists, says CCNA President, Murray Nicholson.

By the way, if you find the wait for a free PAT on the Library's main floor a bit too long try one of the six terminals on the fourth floor, just west of the Humanities reference desk.

Stay Connected

* * *
Before you rush off to the cottage or favorite camp-site this summer be sure to have your Calgary Community Net membership renewed. Over 100 memberships have been updated since the Annual General Meeting in May. If you believe your membership expires sometime this summer be sure to contact the CCNA office (263-8080) before going on vacation to ensure a continued internet connection amd e-mail service.

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Step Back in Time

Explore Historic Calgary Week (July 30 to August 7) with the CCNA Calgary Community Page.

Where did Okotoks get its name? How much did a lot in Forest Lawn cost in 1910? Why was it mandatory to wear face masks in public in 1918? What is the oldest community in Calgary?

Get the answers to these questions and more. Check out the following links:

Visit the CCNA Helpdesk page or contact the volunteers on the CCNA Help Desk:

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Did You Know?

That you don't always have to go through the entire boot-up process to restart Windows 98 to refresh its ever dwindling memory resources after heavy multi tasking.

Press "START", then "SHUT DOWN", then select "RESTART" and press OK while holding down the "SHIFT" key.

Windows will then be shut down properly, but the system will bypass the boot-up procedure and just restart Windows which is all you need to get all its resources back.

Thank you, Jim Steen, for this issue's Did You Know? tip.


We will try to avoid making this section a regular feature, but our apologies to Alan (not Allan) MacDonald. In the past issue of the CCNA News we made him past-President of the CCNA when actually he was the Chairman.

Also, we jumped the gun a bit when we declared that CCNA owned its server. There are still some dotting of i's and crossing of t's to do before the arrangements between the CCNA and IBM are complete. We will keep you posted when everything becomes legally official.

* * *


Dear CCNA Newsletter Committee 3-some : Wanda, Heather, and Peter !

Gladly and e-speedily to you my heartfelt congratulations for your Cyberspace 'diggings', cobwebb clearing efforts, and de-'mummifying' (unwrapping..!) manipulations to re-surrect the (much needed) Newsletter. Great Volume 1, Number 1, ISSUE . And all that G O O D news !

Two suggestions : a. maintain the straightforward, simply-clear lay-out of Vol.1, Number 1, please; b. "KUDOS" section with due credits to the volunteer for the generous help extended! CALCNA thrives, indeed survives, because of Volunteers!

And, thanks for your invitation to e-send you some feedback and ideas.

Yours, in appreciation, Joe Hazelzet

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