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August, 2001

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  • Barrier Project Underway
    The innovative programme which seeks to eliminate barriers that prevent people from accessing a basic internet service.

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    Challenges ... removing barriers ... PAT sites ... inexpensive Internet ... and more.

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    "I send you this file in order to have your advice"

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    Artefacts Canada.

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July Issue

President's Message

Dear friends and members:

Every organization has its challenges. We at CCNA have had our share and maybe a bit more. As you know, things are faster with our new modems. Our loyal members are still renewing and supporting us.

However, we continue to lag behind in the Help Desk Department. We always need new volunteers. If you can give us two or three hours per week in one 24-hour period, please phone Dusica at 263-8080.

Our new project to "Remove the barriers" supported by the Max Bell Foundation is off and running and making good progress. We have four computers almost ready to be loaned to families who cannot afford internet or the hardware to accommodate it. We have two half-time staff members working on this project. We anticipate that we will be refurbishing many more computers for other families. If you know of any family that is not connected now and needs to be, have them call the Project at 234-7663. Ask for Larry or Barb. You can also call the Project if you have computers or equipment to donate.

CCNA Public Access Terminal (PAT) sites continue to operate at the Main Branch of the Calgary Public Library, the Golden Age Club and the Old "Y". The Kerby Centre and the Native Friendship Centre continue as associated PAT sites. CCNA's latest PAT site is at the Frenz Cafe in Airdrie. This is a teen resource centre supported by the Rotary Club. A PAT site at the Arusha Centre is expected to open in the Fall. Another site is under discussion. Some of these sites are being upgraded with a grant from Industry Canada under the CAP program, an initiative to make "Canada the most connected country in the world." Many people who are homeless continue to use our terminals at the Public Library. We waive the $10.00 fee if they cannot afford to pay this. These individuals are able to continue to contact friends and families inexpensively, look for jobs and link into other services that they need.

However, with the new equipment comes added costs. We do not want to raise our fees as we feel we have to be "the affordable internet access". We have lost some members because they need faster and more powerful internet service than we can provide. We appreciate this and understand.

The transit strike was extremely hard on our organization as meetings could not be held, volunteers could not assist us as most were dependent on public transit. We still have not been able to get back to our early momentum. We still need help with our Public Relations Committee. And hats off to our new Newsletter Committee: Wanda Martin, Michel Selim, and Peter Sadlon. It looks great!

In order for us to continue to provide inexpensive Internet, we need more members. If each PPP* user would recruit one or more people to our service, we would more than meet our monthly expenses. If each member would ask friends, family or employer to donate $50.00 or more to our organization in return for a tax receipt, we could ensure that we had operating funds for several months. It is extremely expensive to provide Internet service. Most of our services are free. We do most of what we do with volunteer assistance. We need to continue to provide inexpensive service to ensure that everyone who wishes to be, or needs to be, has access to that wonderland we call the Information Highway.

In the beginning, we were the first local Internet provider. I cut my teeth with this service and with the help of an inexpensive Saturday Introduction to the Net learned the magic of the Web. And I know, many of you did also. Wasn't PINE fun? Well, friends, it is time to help the organization which initially helped you.

I have just donated $50.00. Who wants to join me? We need your participation and your help. We can continue operating CCNA with this support.

If you can't afford to donate, then please tell your friends about us and have them take out PPP* memberships for $115.00, or give us a donation. Does your employer have a charitable fund for non-profits. Could you put our name in for a donation?

You have an extremely committed and talented board. They have worked many volunteer hours to assist you. We have an excellent staff. But it is you who have built this organization and you who have sustained it. We want CCNA to be around for a long, long time. This will not happen without your support.


Pat Lawrence
Calgary Community Network Association

* Editors note: A PPP account is for graphic Internet browsers like Netscape and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Barrier Project Underway

The Barrier Project, an initiative of Calgary Community Network Association and funded by the Max Bell Foundation, is officially underway. JoAnn Miller, Project Committee head has arranged for three new staff members to undertake the startup and development of the innovative programme which seeks to eliminate barriers that prevent people from accessing a basic internet service. Individuals and families in need who are screened and recommended by social service agencies will be provided with computer equipment via a system of temporary and permanent loans. Calgary Community Net will provide internet accounts on its system and support in the form of basic instruction in their use.

Barrier Director Larry Sannuto and Computer Technicians Barbara Hume and Ted Harder are working to get the first clients set up. The team is extremely enthusiastic and excited about being involved in what may prove to be a landmark achievement helping those who may never have had the opportunity to utilize what are proving to be absolutely necessary tools for education, community access and employment. JoAnn and her fellow board members at CCNA are hoping this ongoing project will be a model for other agencies both urban and rural.

The Barrier Project is seeking additional donations of equipment and funding for the project and anyone who wishes to help by giving old computers (486+), monitors, memory chips, keyboards, cables, printers and software (Win95+ with licenses, and word processors) may notify the project by email:

Thanks in advance for your support.

Virus Alert!

"I send you this file in order to have your advice"

The SirCam worm (identified July 17, 2001) is running around the Internet and has tried to get to computers several times in the last few days.

The e-mail message that the virus is sent through reads :

From: [user@address]
To: [user@address]
Subject: [document without extension]

Hi! How are you?

I send you this file in order to have your advice
See you later. Thanks

Please under no circumstances open the attachments that comes with this message or other similar messages. It contains a malicious virus that could cause your computer to crash and shut down once the virus has maximizes its effect on your computer.

According to the recent e-mail sent to CCNA members by Winston Lai the virus is carried inside a .lnk file (Windows Shortcut), so you would not "know" that it is a program beforehand. However, the .lnk file is not a real shortcut file, but rather a full Windows program that contains a virus plus a real attached file (which seems to be randomly picked by the virus). The attachments may come from an unknown source or it may come from a close friend. To be safe do not open any attachments unless you can confirm that it is safe to open.

Also, make sure that you have downloaded the latest virus protection files.

Allan Cole, from the HTML Committee, suggests that you look for the double extension attachments and pay attention to the message wording. Various virus libraries contain information about what specific viruses do, and how to remove them. For more SirCam information he recommends the following antivirus sources:

Winston recommends the following link for more SirCam information: The site also has a link that will help you remove the virus if you are infected.

Volunteer Opportunities

The Calgary Community Network Association is currently looking for volunteers for the Help Desk. Good interpersonal skills, wide computer experience (or someone keen to learn), and a willingness to help beginner Internet users would make you an asset.

The Calgary Community Network Association has several other volunteer opportunities available, as well. Take a look at our Volunteer page, or for more information contact our Office Manager:

Join the Community!

The Calgary Community Network Association is easy to join. Memberships are $10.00 a year!

You have the opportunity to take advantage of great rates on various Internet connection accounts. Non-Profit organizations that become Information Providers have access to unlimited web page space. Newbies to the Internet can take advantage of our experienced volunteers. Plus we are involved in projects that could benefit from your support.

The Calgary Community Network Association was established in 1995 (originally as Calgary Freenet). Isn't it time you joined?

Contact our Office Manager for more information.

WWW Sitings

The Calgary Community Network Association is a world-wide Internet community. This portion of the newsletter is reserved for web sites that members have found especially interesting to visit. If you wish to have your favorites listed here, send us an e-mail with the URLs. If you like, you can also let us know why you like them.

The Calgary Community Network Association is a world-wide Internet community. This portion of the newsletter is reserved for web sites that members have found especially interesting to visit. If you wish to have your favorites listed here, send us an e-mail with the URLs. If you like, you can also let us know why you like them.

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Artefacts Canada

Provided by the Canadian Heritage Information Network (CHIN), Artefacts Canada allows users to search and browse information about and images of millions of objects from Canadian museums and archaeological sites.

The Humanities section includes all forms of visual art, clothing, jewelry, furniture, tools, surgical instruments, and other historical objects, many accompanied by images. The Natural Sciences area has over one million specimen records representing 28,000 different species with some images, while Archaeological Sites contains information on "70,000 archaeological sites administered by Canadian provincial, territorial, and federal government departments or agencies."

For those unfamiliar with the terminology used in this wide variety of fields, performing an advanced search by browsing indices allows users to scroll through lists of index terms and automatically pop them into the search screen. There are also sample searches provided for each area, to retrieve, for example, ceremonial and sacred objects from the archaeological sites, or Impressionist art or costume and clothing in the humanities section. All searches can be limited to include only objects with images.

Contributed by John Mueller as found in the Scout Report,

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Little Ha-Ha's

Maxims For The Internet Age

  1. Home is where you hang your @
  2. A journey of a thousand sites begins with a single click.
  3. Too many clicks spoil the browse.
  4. The geek shall inherit the earth.
  5. A chat has nine lives.
  6. Don't byte off more than you can view.
  7. What boots up must come down.
  8. A user and his leisure time are soon parted.
  9. Speed thrills.
  10. Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach him to use the Net and he won't bother you for weeks.
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