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May Annual General Meeting

By-Law Changes Need Member Approval

The process to elect a new board was postponed until changes could be implemented to the CCNA By-Laws. It was reasoned by the 1999 Board that the current by-laws were designed for a larger organization and are not flexible enough for small working Boards to operate within.

Voting CCNA members are need to get involved with the modification process!
Have a look at the 2000 CCNA Annual General Meeting page. There you'll find copies of the current CCNA By-Laws, and proposed new by-laws. If you are a member of the CCNA you will have received an e-mail explaining how you can add your comments to the by-law discussion page that has also been set up.

The deadline to send in comments is June 23rd. A draft of the proposed by-law revisions will then be uploaded by the final week in June for members to vote on whether to accept or reject the revised by-laws. Voting will be done by e-mail. Deadline to get your votes in is June 30th.

The current Board remains as is. Only after the CCNA By-Laws have been established will a new Board be elected.

Newsletter Status

Since July, 1999 the CCNA Newsletter Committee produced 20 biweekly newsletters in 11 months. Phew!!!

We felt we were close to running out of steam!! So, in the May issues and at the May Annual General Meeting we officially stepped down from our news crew duties. It was our way of going out with a bang, instead of a stale whimper.

Since Wanda Martin, Committe Chair, will be in Whitehorse, YK, for most of June anyone wishing to continue the newsletter can contact Shirley Barwise, Executive Director or the CCNA Public Library location Office.

Past Issues of the newsletter can be viewed at

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