CCNA Newsletter May 2002
President's Greetings

CCNA Computer Workshops
Matt Emmett

Entrepreneurial Corner:
Special Interview with Kimberley Langford-Fluet, Calgary-based business owner

CCNA News And Volunteer Opportunity

President's Greetings

Dear Members:

I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to all of you who have been so loyal to our organization. Some of you have been with us from the beginning. Some of you are new. Thank you for your patience with our volunteers who assist you on a daily basis. Thank you for your donations, which have helped to keep this organization going for the past few months. The Board, Staff and myself thank you. We continue to collaborate with the City of Calgary on the Urban Cap project. This project has almost completed their goal of creating CAP sites in 51 locations. Ed Kuntz attends the monthly meetings of Urban Cap.

We continue to maintain associate sites at the Kerby Centre and at the Calgary Native Friendship Centre. These are associate sites in that we collaborate with them but they are using another service provider. We have formed a partnership with The Calgary Multicultural Centre. We have networked their office and CAP site and provided free Internet service. In return, we have use of their lab for training purposes on a weekly basis if needed. We have just completed a training session this month with eight students. Our Help Desk will also use the lab for training.

We continue to seek other partners in creating pubic access terminal sites. We currently are assisting a grocery store in the Kensington district to create a one-computer site. We now have the following public access terminals in operation: Renfrew Fifty plus Club, Golden Age Club, Chinese Christian Mission Centre, and the Old Y Site. We have successfully concluded our InfoAge Project funded by the Max Bell Foundation. As part of this larger project, in the past year, we operated the Barrier Project. In this project, we provided service to 23 families (containing sixty individuals). Service included: a free computer and software, peripherals such as printers and CD-Rom drives, training, maintenance and Internet service for one year. Our families came through the referrals from non-profit societies which vouched for the family's need for a computer and their inability financially and technically to purchase one. Our target group were families with school aged children who were falling behind in school because they lacked a home computer. We feel that we are indeed removing a barrier to the technical age for these families by doing this project. We are currently negotiating a contract with a donor to start a new project the aims of which will be similar. We are collaborating with the University of Calgary on an evaluation project.

We do receive the Netizen News and did contribute an article about our Barrier Project, which was published in February. This newsletter is distributed widely across Canada. I also met with their Executive Director, Liss Jeffrey and was able to inform her of some or our challenges. She let me know of some of the initiatives in which she is involved. We have also joined the community smart groups at HYPERLINK "" net.

We continue to receive information from CamNet in Cambridge, UK; the Hamilton- Wentworth CommunityNet; ChebuctoCommunity Community Net in Halifax VICNET - Victoria's Network in Melbourne, Australia; the Blacksberg Electronic Village in Blacksburg, Virginia and Netizen News in Toronto, Ontario. We are still at the information gathering stage although details about funding grants, the selling of products such as modems as a funding mechanism (VICNET), how their public access terminals function (CamNet) is interesting and we can learn from them. It is a matter of gathering the information and ensuring that the relative Committee receives the information or is directed to the appropriate Website. .

We are holding a Casino on June 26 and 27 and are still seeking volunteers. I would like to thank: Dave Hulin, our treasurer; Ed Kuntz who has the magical talent of being an excellent technical worker but also has wonderful people skills, and has brought us new positive collaborations, and who is a Casino organizer par excellence; to Matt Emmett who is bringing information and talent to the operation from Vancouver, Ruby Fong for being a competent/energetic secretary, Won Jin Jo who is a member-at-large and who is contributing his expertise and knowledge to our activities; Winston Lai for doing help desk duties last year and for assisting Marcelo Paulo with the Committee this year and who has now taken on the challenge of membership duties; Aziz Macci, our past treasurer; Jo Ann Miller, Barrier Project, who has committed countless hours overseeing its operation; and Michel Selim, Web pages/newsletter. I would also like to thank Dusica Mijatovic-Jovanovic, our Executive Director for her loyalty, support and work excellence on a daily basis, Don Ingram our capable and loyal System Administrator; Ted Harder, our committed and capable volunteer, and Barb Hume and Larry Sannuto for their work on the Barrier Project. All of these people did their utmost best to contribute to CCNA. I would also like to thank Allan Northcott and Dr. David Elton from the Max Bell Foundation for their support and encouragement over the past four years.

Respectfully submitted

Pat Lawrence,
Calgary Community Network Association

On Sunday April 7 and Sunday April 14 the CCNA hosted a Computer and Internet Workshop at the Calgary Multicultural Center. All eight seats were filled, and a long waiting list has been created! Topics included: a breif history of computers and the Internet, how the Internet is structured, browsing and searching the World Wide Web, how email works and network news groups. Through out the workshop Internet security and privacy issue's were discussed and explored. The CCNA will be hosting more workshops in the future; keep an eye on your email for announcements!

Entrepreneurial Corner Interview: Kimberley Langford-Fluet, Calgary-based business owner

Michel: Kimberley, what made you decide to become an entrepreneur?

Kimberley: I've always wanted to be a writer. I majored in Journalism at Mount Royal College and English Literature at the University of Calgary. Unfortunately, the market is inudated with many people who have B.A. degrees and not enough jobs requiring an arts background! So, I took on clerical jobs. When I was laid-off from my last job as a receptionist with a large oil and gas company, I decided I work work part-time as a temp to help keep the wolf from the door, and start my own business on the side. I come from an entrepreneurial family. My brother Jeff Langford has owned a couple of businesses in Calgary and my mother Thea, created and was the President of Calgary Business Services before she sold it. When my son William was born, I decided I would continue working the odd temp job and devote more time to my business. That's when Victor Communications was created. In the past year, I have taken on other work -- I am an Instructor with the Opulence Academy for Small and Home-based businesses, the Executive Director with Aurora Publishing and the N.W. Calgary Chapter Head of the $Millionaires In the Making! Networking/Education club.

Michel: What types of services do each of these businesses provide?

Kimberley: Victor Communications provides clients with a writing service that includes, web-page and brochure copy, media kits and releases, ghostwriting and more. I've recently published an article in the Mar/Apr issue of the Rising Women magazine ( titled, "Media Releases....How to Create an Effective Release." As an Instructor with the Opulence Academy for Small and Home-based businesses, I teach a workshop called, "Who's In Charge of Your Destiny...You or Your Inner Terrorist." I'm also a student with the Academy and have been enrolled in the Prosperity Matrix Series for the past year. It's a correspondance course that helps build leaders in prosperity and I highly recommend it! The Dean and founder of the Academy is Kathleen Mailer who is also known as "Canada's Connections Coach."

I also work with Kathleen as the Executive Director of Aurora Publishing. We help authors self-publish their books in an empowering way. Many people are choosing to self-publish their books. We have several in Calgary, such as Jenny Hoops who publishes her wonderful "Road to Excellence Daily Journal" through her own company Hoops Professional Consulting, and Patricia Morgan who self-published her book," Love her as She is...Lessons from a Daughter Stolen by Addictions" - (Published by Light Hearted Concepts -- Patricia's company). Patricia has appeared on the CBC across Canada. I also have self-published my first audio book, "Faith...A Work In Progress" (Aurora Publishing).

$Millionaires In the Making! Networking/Education Club was also started by Kathleen and I am now the N.W. Calgary Chapter Head. We allow for up to 12 people in each meeting where we exchange leads, tips and have a brainstorming session. This club is for small and home-based business owners who are granted exclusivity at each meeting. Therefore, I won't have 5 accountants and 6 web-page designers at one meeting. I believe that Networking is a VITAL tool that entrepreneurs need in order to build their business! Many people feel they don't have the time to network but they do need to make the time. Even if it's only once or twice a month! I find that our $Millionaires In The Making! members are an excellent support team. Not only we provide each other with leads and tips but encouragement, validation, empowerment and so on! Entrepreneurs are a different breed of people and we don't exactly fit into the 9 to 5 employee mentality. We like to take positive risks and challenges as business owners. We like to drive our own bus when it comes to what we do in life.

Michel: Sounds like you do a lot. What is your biggest challenge at this moment?

Kimberley: Finding balance. I'm very fortunate and grateful that I have a wonderful father-in-law who helps out with my son. My husband is in the oil patch and travels quite a bit so having the extra help is a real bonus. When my husband's work slows down he helps as well. Both men are wonderful with William and my father-in-law has the patience of Job! I believe that entrerpeneurs need a support team that includes their family as well as other entrepreneurs.

Michel: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Kimberley: I'd like to keep my business, Victor Communications growing so that I can hire other people to do the work so that I can devote more time to writing books and my family. One of the things I've been learning through the Prosperity Matrix Series correspondance course is how to work less and earn more. That's what I'm working towards. And, it can be done!!

Michel: Where did you come up with the name Victor Communications for your company? Kimberley: Victor was my dad who passed away several years ago. Victor also has other meanings..such as winning, being empowered and so on. My company motto is, "Communication + Knowledge = Empowerment". That's what I strive to do for my them communicate through the written word so that they can reach their target market and provide them with what they need.

Michel: What are some of the misconceptions about entrepeneurs?

Kimberley: I think many people feel that in order to become an entrepreneur, you have to be a certain personality type. I don't believe this. I believe that anyone can become an entrepreneur. Some people feel that you have to spend hours and hours running a business in order to make it successful. Yes, you do have to put in time, but you also have to determine your own definition of success. You have to ask yourself, Who is in Charge of my Destiny? -- Is it me or someone else or someone else's opinions of what I can and can't achieve, or do I decide that for myself? I liken owning a business making it grow to my own personal growth. There may be some pain, but there is a lot of gain. I found I wasn't cut out to be a clerical worker who goes to work each day, doing the same thing from 9 - 5. Many people are and I respect that. However, if people are interested in venturing out on their own, there are many places in Calgary that teach how to start and run your own business. For instance, MCC development is a great place to start. I've known a lot of people who failed at many things and finally found success as an entrepreneur. I have to say one thing though about what it DOES take to become an Entrepreneur: Initiative AND Persistence. When going gets tough, entrepreneurs have to be willing to stick in there and keep at it! Also, be willing to start small and grow. Many people feel that in order to run their own business, they have to rent an office space, hire a receptionist and secretary and so on. Many of the successful entrepreneurs I know, work out of their homes. One of the pluses of that we get to work in our pyjamas or sweats. I can get up in the morning, have a cup of coffee and sit in front of my computer while wearing my pyjamas (no bunny slippers though). I don't have to battle traffic or wait for the bus and commute during cold or inclement weather unless I'm meeting with a client or have a networking function that day.

Michel: How can people contact you? Either by phone (403) 275-4647 or Email:

Michel: Thank you Kimberley!

The Calgary Community Network Association has been approved for a two day casino. The dates of the casino are Wednesday, June 26th. and Thursday, June 27th. The casino will be held at Stampede Casino in the Big Four Building of Stampede Park.

We will require between 40 and 50 volunteers to cover various positions over 4 shifts during these two days. These four shifts are:

Wednesday, June 26th. 11:15 AM to 7:00 PM Wednesday, June 26th. 6:30 PM to 2:30 AM Thursday, June 27th 11:15 AM to 7:00 PM Thursday, June 27th. 6:30 PM to 2:30 AM

Volunteer position job descriptions can be found at

Each volunteer must fill out and sign a form which is sent to the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission for their approval. If you are a PPP user you can view and print this form which can be found at Non PPP users will be provided with the form.

If you are available to volunteer for this very important fund raiser please reply with your availability and phone number and I will call you to answer any of your questions and to make arrangements to get your application form

While some positions are only open to members of the organization, most positions can be filled by anyone over eighteen. Ask your spouse or friends if they might be interested in volunteering. You will be trained by advisors we have hired. Food, beverages, and snacks will be provided. Parking will be paid for. The areas we will be in are designated as non smoking.

Thank you for your consideration.