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Vol. 2, No. 8,
May 1, 2000

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In the Beginning
How the CCNA Got Started

Dateline July, 1993, the Canada West Foundation initiated the grass-roots movement to build the Calgary Free-Net Association. The first organizational meeting was held in November. All the committee members and Directors were volunteers, however, plans called for the eventual hiring of three full-time staff members.

At the time there were 150 BBS systems. (See Where Have All the BBS' Gone? further in this issue!) The focus of the Free-Net was to provide Calgarians access to these information networks, to show the usefulness of this new technology, and to give organizations a cost effective way of promoting themselves.

Testing, testing . . .

By October 15, 1994, the Calgary Free-Net had nearly 350 members ready to test run the new system. The server (RS/6000) was provided by IBM. Modems for were provided by the University of Calgary, the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, and HomeNet. Later, Capella Networking gave discounts on equipment such as rack-mount modems, terminal servers and a router.

Information Providers:

* Canada West Foundation
* Distress Centre
* Calgary Status of Women Action Committee

Business to offer Discounts to Members:

* Hasmarc Computers

Look at Us . . .

A luncheon for 50 was held. The Honourable Jon M. Gerrard, Federal Minister for Science, Research and Development gave a speech enthusing on how knowledge - which had been the purview of the elite few - would increasingly become available to everyone. Dr. David Elton, of the Canada West Foundation, then introduced the Calgary Free-Net.

Booths were set-up at Chinook Mall's Science and Technology Week and at the annual computer show held at the Round-Up Centre.

A 10 minute animated and live action video was produced by Keith Henning and the staff at Keizeus Pictures to promote the Calgary Free-Net and to introduce Calgarians to the concept of the Information Super-Highway.

More to come . . .

In the next issue view the history highlights of the CCNA including the first Board members and why our name was changed from Free-Net to Community-Net!

* http:/

* Where Have All the BBS' Gone?

When the CCNA started out as the Calgary Free-Net in 1994 the Internet was in its infancy and the BBS (Bulletin Board System) was the norm. The Calgary Free-Net initial project report had this to say about the BBS system:

BBSs are still around. As a self-contained on-line community, the traditional BBS is accessed via direct dial-up using your modem. Recently, BBSs became accessible via the Internet via the Telnet process. (See the CCNA News October 1, 1999 Did You Know? for information on how to Telnet.)

There are advantages to creating and using a BBS over a web page or the Internet. For example, businesses are providing services and hobbyists are sharing and expanding their information.

For details:

* Wanted!

Do you like meeting new people? If so, here is the volunteer position for YOU.


Program Area:
  • Calgary Public Library 616 Macleod Trail S.E.
  • Time Commitment:
  • Minimum shift 3.5 hrs. Monday, Tuesday,Wednesday 5:00 to 8:30 PM
  • Job Summary:
  • to provide the Calgary Community with public access to information networks and to educate the public in the use and value of information technology.

  • For further details please contact Dusica, PAT Co-ordinator:

    Tel: (403) 263-8080 or Fax: (403) 263-8083,



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    Did You Know?

    The Calgary Community Network Association is a designated Donors Choice with the United Way of Calgary and Area. This program enables donors to designate their gift to Calgary Community Network Association,a registered charitable organization.

    Thank you Shirley Barwise for this issue's Did You Know.

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