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Vol. 2, No. 6,
April 1, 2000

CCNA Web Page Feature:
Calgary Safety Council

Initiated over 50 years ago as a result of vehicle safety checks, the Calgary Safety Council is an excellent source of safety information on the streets and highways, in the home and work place.

Their web site has information on Calgary Safety Council programs and courses. Safety City, a program for 4 to 6 year olds, is an actual miniature city complete with streets, traffic lights, and railroad crossings. The CSC motorcycle training courses teach basic survival riding strategies and basic maneuvering skills, as well as, information on basic mechanics and maintenance, and safety apparel.

Check out their recently updated program schedules at


Other CCNA Sites Recently updated:


Responsible for Financial Accounts of CCNA and the reporting of it to the Association's Board of Directors.

Interested candidates must have experience with:

  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Simply Accounting,
  • Account Management
  • providing information to auditors for preparation of year end.
  • banking, deposit report and depositing funds
  • preparing accounting entries for day-to-day operations
For further details please contact the CCNA office, 263-8080.

Shirley Barwise
Executive Director, CCNA
Tel: (403) 263-8080 Fax: (403) 263-8083

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* Spring Forward, Fall Back.

On the first Sunday of April (April 2nd this year), most Canadians will be practising Daylight Saving (NOT Savings) Time (DST) after putting their clocks forward by an hour on late Saturday, to make the time change effective for 2 AM Sunday morning. Oddly enough, people living in Saskatchewan do not put their clocks forward and so for the summer months, will be in the same time zone as Alberta. See Time Zones and Daylight Saving Time for a map (not text friendly) of the various time zones in Canada in both the winter and summer months.

Most parts of the U.S. and some 70 other countries also practise a similar form of DST. Daylight & Saving Time, Saving Energy tells a bit about the history of DST. When you change the time on your clocks, a good habit to develop is to also check the batteries in your smoke detector.

Not everyone is happy about DST. See End Daylight Savings for a negative perspective on this practice.

One problem with the spring time change is that many people short change themselves on sleep.

Given that the loss of one hour can affect your behaviour for up to a week, why not go to bed early on Saturday, April 1st?

Newsletter Committee Wins
Big in Lottery!!

The trio you've come to know as your CCNA Newsletter Committee won big on the last 649 lottery! They plan to donate half of their winnings to the CCNA then quit enmasse to bask in New Zealand sunshine!!


Learn more about this day where the obnoxious rule, have a look at these April Fool's Day links:

A Bit of CCNA History!

In May the CCNA News will be featuring the history of the Calgary Community Network Association. The CCNA News would like to post your favorite story about the CCNA or, for you long timers, the Calgary Freenet.

E-mail your tale to the CCNA Newsletter Committee at The best stories will be included in the May 15th issue.

Easter on the Net

? ? ? ? ?

Did You Know?

Using Win98 (2nd Edition) and a network of two or more computers, it is possible to share ONE internet connection. All users can be on the internet simultaneously. Refer to the Home Network section in a Win98 manual or Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) in help files or at

Easter in Cyberspace - A Christian Perspective

* * * Input

I have heard from many people that Calgary either has more computing power or computers per capita than any major city except London & Houston. Can you confirm this?
. . . Stephen Rodrigues

Dear Mr. Rodrigues,

Well, it depends on who your source is. According to a Calgary Herald report on a StatsCan study titled Canadians Connected, " 40% of Calgarians have computers and use them daily, second only to Ottawa where more than half of the households are plugged in" [March 4, 1999, p. D13] .

If you go to's Community Profiles, they claim that in Calgary " more than 35% of homes have a computer, the highest concentration in Canada. Furthermore, Calgary has the highest Internet connectivity rate in North America."

Statistics Canada states that in 1998 45.1% of Canadians had home computers.

. . . CCNA News

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In the next issue:
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