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Vol. 2, No. 5,
March 15, 2000

PAT Power

It is indeed my pleasure to introduce Dusica Mijatovic-Jovanovic, our new Public Access Terminal (PAT) Coordinator. Dusica has a wee bit of knowledge re: Lynx and Pine and will be relying on your cooperation and assistance. We will be training for approximately 2 weeks and you will have the opportunity to meet her at the Calgary Public Library PATs. Dusica's six months employment is due to the generous auspices of The Calgary Foundation. I will remain as Executive Director and temporary Volunteer Coordinator.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I welcome Dusica, to this dedicated, loyal team of players.

Also, may I offer another welcome... to the Kerby Centre volunteers. It was decided at our meeting with Kerby, that Len Canning, George Dunbar, Allan Cole, Hank Heerema,and Lynn Podgurny be included on Calgary Public Library PAT volunteers distribution list. I am delighted with this chain of events and as Volunteer Coordinator (until someone else comes along) it is my sincere intention to keep you up to date on any and all changes that occur. Lynn will be updating me when new volunteers are recruited at Kerby and when she feels they are ready to verify accounts. Thanks so much Lynn.

I am thoroughly impressed with the number of volunteer hours accrued monthly by all PAT volunteers. Total combined for February = 350.5 hours. Thanks all.

    "Volunteering is like fire - it only needs a spark to get it started, but it needs elements working together to keep it burning."
    • Shirley Barwise
      Executive Director


Responsible for Financial Accounts of CCNA and the reporting of it to the Association's Board of Directors.

Interested candidates must have experience with:

  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Simply Accounting,
  • Account Management
  • providing information to auditors for preparation of year end.
  • banking, deposit report and depositing funds
  • preparing accounting entries for day-to-day operations
For further details please contact the CCNA office, 263-8080.

Shirley Barwise
Executive Director, CCNA
Tel: (403) 263-8080 Fax: (403) 263-8083

Geneology Tradeshow -- March 25

The Alberta Family Histories Society (AFHS) is hosting their 10th annual GenSoft 2000 genealogy tradeshow in Calgary at the Riverview United Church, Saturday, March 25. Volunteers will demonstrate the genealogy software that they feel strongly/positively about, and 'shoppers' can see the various softwares in action from a users' point of view.

Apart from demonstrating software, there will be other tools demonstrated (scanners, digital cameras), genealogy books for sale, and ten 45 minute lectures. Judith Rempel will be conducting three lectures on using the Internet for genealogical research. Several community groups have been invited to display tables at GenSoft, including the Calgary Community-Net, the Calgary Public Libary, Glenbow Museum, LDS Family History Center and others.


"Beware the Ides of March!"

Most people, even those who haven't seen or read the play, have heard that line from Shakespeare's play about Julius Caesar and his eventual fate. Top Ten Things Overheard on Rome on the Ides of March and A Humourous Look at Roman Mythology take a slightly twisted look at events or scenes from the play.

So what is the Ides? Using the ancient Roman calendar it is the 15th of the month for March, May, July and October or the 13th of all other months.

The Roman calendar had 3 special named days -- the Kalends which was always the 1st, the Nones on the 5th or 8th and the Ides on the 13th or the 15th. (A Lesson on the Roman Calendar web site goes into more detail about how this was worked out.) For instance the Kalends is from the Latin meaning account books, as bills, just as they are now, were due on the first (or the Kalends) of the month.

This current newsletter is being posted on the Ides of March. The next one will go up on the Kalends of April (April 1st) but the next one after that will be up 2 days AFTER the Ides of April since the Ides of April, falls on the 13th. Aren't you glad the calendar used most commonly and currently in North America has 7 named days?

This system of calculating the day was used in various parts of Europe even up to the Renaissance Era. So it came in handy as a good quotable line and easily understood line for Shakespeare's play -- after all, "Beware the 15th of March" doesn't sound half as intimidating, now does it?

Minding Your Own Business on the Internet

The internet can definitely help start and build a business.

Locally and nationally, the Calgary Chamber of Commerce can help with planning, training, and establishing a network of business contacts.

The Calgary Public Library's Business Information Services can help with gathering information on starting a business, marketing, tracking your competition to conducting complex research projects. It has thousands of items on a multitude of business-related topics and quick-reference material. Ask a question online and have an answer within 24 hours by e-mail. Must see areas on the BIS page are tradeshow listings and over 100 recommended web sites.

If your business already has some systems in place, you may want to improve efficiency with online programs at This software can help you decide if it's worth purchasing more expensive and sophisticated software packages. Try some of them. There are packages that are designed specifically for beauty salons, car sales, bird-feeding, point of sales for your restaurant, bar or hotel, made-to-order setting, video store, brewery business, and automating your direct mail marketing, charity or organization.

* You may also want to learn about proposal writing to convince others how to get your ideas and projects implemented and off the ground. Remember, a business should NOT be your job. It should be a system that creates jobs which you (or someone else) oversees and in which you are the majority owner.

Other Resources: Strategis - Small business connections,;
Alberta Government Small Business Guide,;
Business Link,;
Calgary Business Opportunities,;
Canadian Federation of Independent Business,;
The Biz Resource Group - Canadian support for small business owners and entrepreneurs,

Proposal Writing Seminar

Fran Kimmel, Vice President, Creative Services for WorkNet Inc. and Pam Crosby, Executive Director of CCALA, will share their insights and experiences with writing funder proposals.

This two hour course will provide you with a basic overview on some of the fundamental do's and don'ts of proposal writing. Things like:

  • Layout: How much white space should you leave, what font, how many words.
  • Say what you mean: Clearly articulate what your need is and what the desired outcomes will be.
  • Sending proposals to the Business Community: What is it that the business community needs to hear in order to support "community work".

The perspective of a funder: Five do's and don'ts of successfully funded proposals.

Presentation to be held Thursday March 23, 2000
from 9:00-11:00am
at the McDougall Centre 455 - 6 St SW
Cost: Members $5. Non-Members $10
Call (403) 266-6444 to RSVP by March 21.

Keep the Calgary Community Network Association viable
-- please donate generously.

*Sleep Awareness Week

March 27-April 2 is Sleep Awareness Week. Did you know roadways are full of people with slower reflexes caused from a little lack of sleep? Have you been getting enough sleep lately?

If you don't think so, you have plenty of company out there! Check out the U.S. National Sleep Foundation's list of Sleep Disorders.

One serious sleep disorder is Sleep Apnea, where those affected stop breathing temporarily while asleep. March 27th is Sleep Apnea Day. There is a Sleep Apnea Society of Alberta who work to promote public knowledge of this disorder.

One tool used in diagnosing the types of sleep disorders that a patient may be experiencing are sleep clinics. The Canadian Sleep Society was founded to further the advancement and understanding of sleep and sleep disorders. They also have a list of sleep clinics and facilities across Canada on this site.

For more information, the Sleep/Wake Disorders of Canada is a part of a web ring that links many other sites concerned with sleep disorders.

Sleep is a wonderful thing, so, when you change your clocks to spring forward this April 2nd consider going to bed earlier. Your body and mind will thank you later on!

Check out the April 1st issue of the CCNA News for more information on Daylight Saving Time!

*Out of Curiosity...

In May the CCNA News is doing a feature on the history of the Calgary Community Network Association. The CCNA News would like to post your favorite story about the CCNA or, for you long timers, the Calgary Freenet.

E-mail your tale to the CCNA Newsletter Committee at The best stories will be included in the May 15th issue.

Click here to learn about St. Patrick's Day

? ? ? ? ?

Did You Know?

In Windows 95 you can get a documented summary of what's on your computer.

Right-click on the My Computer icon and select Properties from the context menu. Click on the Device Manager tab, then the Print button. Select the "All Devices and System Summary" radio button, then click on OK. This will give you more information about your hardware, IRQs, ports, memory usage, devices and drivers than you ever wanted to know. Keep this printout handy for future reference.

Thank you to Robert Chong for this issue's Did You Know Tip.

This curious reporter found that if you choose to have your summary "Print to File" rather than to the printer, you can save this information in a ".prn" type document. This file is then best viewed with MSWord. It's a bit messy with printer code, but not as bad as if you viewed it with Notepad or Wordpad.

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