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Vol. 2, No. 4,
March 1, 2000

About the Recent Connection Problems @

The Internet connection problems experienced by Community Net members last week were caused by a broken phone line. According to Shirley Barwise, our Information Technology team worked diligently to find the problem, contacted TELUS, and had the CCNA up and working ASAP.


What's Going On?
Word From the Board

The minutes to CCNA Board meetings are available for membership viewing at the CCNA office (located on the S.W. corner of the 4th floor of the Calgary Public Library's Central branch). A membership card must be presented.


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new internet users, non-profit organizations, www surfers . . .

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The Alberta Family Histories Society
An Award Winning Web Site

* The Alberta Family Histories Society (AFHS), an active Information Provider at the Calgary Community-Net, are celebrating an historic moment. Their Canadian Genealogical Projects Registry was recently awarded the prestigious First Annual Technology Excellence Award from the New England Historical Genealogy Society (NEHGS).

The NEHGS (a quasi-academic group) has been around since 1845 and has been at the centre of establishing research standards of excellence since their beginning). This year they decided for the first time to offer an award to a technology product that was unique in it's field, advanced the quality of genealogy work through technology, could be replicated by others, and didn't overemphasize the jazz of new technology.

The award included a trip to San Diego (flight, accommodation, conference fees) for one person to accept the award at the January GenTech Conference and $500 (US) worth of items that could be selected from their book shop. Both Janet Morgan and Judith Rempel attended for the AFHS.

"AFHS passed the hat," said Judith. "And our members MORE THAN DONATED ENOUGH for the second person to attend and $$ were left over! What a great society." Details are visible on or linked from the AFHS Awards page including photo, award, news release, etc.

You can congratulate them in person at the GenSoft 2000 genealogy tradeshow to be held in Calgary at the Riverview United Church, Saturday, March 25. Volunteers will demonstrate the genealogy software that they feel strongly/positively about, and 'shoppers' can see the various softwares in action from a users' point of view.

"Apart from demo'ing software, there will be other techie tools demonstrated (scanner, digital camera), genealogy books for sale, and 10-45 minute lectures on topics that are just being finalized," Judith announced in a recent e-mail interview. Judith will be conducting three lectures on using the Internet for genealogical research. Several community groups have been invited to display tables at GenSoft, including the Calgary Community-Net, the Calgary Public Libary, and the Glenbow Museum.

The Calgary Community Network Association web site has amazing pages that volunteers and non-profit organizations have put together to inform, educate, or entertain. If there is a web page you would like more information about or if you have a page you would like us to profile let us know by e-mailing the Newsletter Committee at: For a list of Calgary Community-Net Information Providers visit


Job Help Resources

The CCNA is proud to be involved with web pages which can help the Calgary community. Quite often people will comment on how they are able to find good employment information through the Calgary Community Net.

The most used page on the CCNA is the Employment Opportunities -- Jobs Page. One of the longest running pages on the CCNA, this page shows some of the latest job listings by Calgary companies. A source of company information is the Major Calgary Companies page, which supplies links to the major companies headquartered in Calgary, as well as, sources of company news releases and company information. Employment can be considered a major investment, check out the CCNA Investment SIG to see where companies stand on the stock market.

Other sites to explore are and the Calgary Public Library's Link Library: Career page. professes to be Canada's biggest job site. The Calgary Public Library page has a great section on how to use the internet for employment opportunities. Both sites have sections that give you resume tips, information on how to get involved with international businesses, and newspaper classified ads.

For those of you who don't have a clue what kind of job to look for, there are other sites which can help. Knowing who you are can be an excellent place to start. A famous personality test which can help answer questions about yourself is the Myers Briggs test. Even taking the test after a few years can be enlightening, especially after a career change.

If you want software to help you write your resume, try these:

  • Right Resume by Memorex (Windows95, Win3.11)
  • Resume Maker with Career Planning (Win98, Win95, WinNT)
  • Fast Resume Suite by Adams Jobbank (Win95, Win3.11)

Keep the Calgary Community Network Association viable
-- please donate generously.


The Calgary Community Network is a non-profit organization kept alive by volunteer efforts. Volunteers are needed for all kinds of interesting positions. Contact Shirley Barwise, Volunteer Co-ordinator, for more information, or take a look at the CCNA Volunteer Opportunities page.

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