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Vol.2, No. 2,
February 1, 2000

* What's Going On?
Word From the Board

The following bits of information are from the December 15, 1999 Board meeting minutes. For more detail, Board minutes are available at the CCNA office for members to view (Central branch of the Calgary Public Library, southwest corner of the fourth floor).

The VolNet project has become larger than originally conceived. The Board has agreed that the CCNA would participate as a partner and not as a delivery agent.

Old Y PAT Site
The Old Y, an umbrella organization for local non-profit groups, lost its PAT funding in October when Canada West withdrew its sponsorship. The CCNA Board has agreed to pay for the installation of one telephone line ($75) and the monthly telephone charges ($45); to be reviewed in six months time.

Calgary Foundation Grant Money
The $10,000 received from the Calgary Foundation has been delegated to the Fund Raising Committee to recommend how to best allocate the money.


Want to help out?

Volunteer with the Calgary Community Network Association! For more information contact Shirley Barwise by phone (263-8080) or e-mail (

*CCNA Web Page Feature

This newest newsletter feature has us scanning the CCNA web site for amazing pages that volunteers and non-profit organizations have put together to inform, educate, or entertain you. If there is a web page you would like more information about or if you have created a page you'd like us to profile let us know by e-mailing: Since this issue's running theme is Love and Security, we've decided to profile the:

CCNA Investment Special Interest Group

Designed specifically for reference purposes only, the CCNA Investment Special Interest Group (SIG) page overflows with information. The initial page provides a Dow Jones chart, access to Canada Stockwatch quotes and charts, and links to major stock exchange pages. *

A dozen other pages bring you a host of useful information. For instance, Public Companies With Web Sites (or the Companies link) gives a good selection of links to companies on major Canadian and U.S. stock exchanges. Exchanges gives links to 18 North and South American stock and commodity exchanges.

On a more personal note, the Finances page offers sources that may help you with your personal finances or debts, including non-profit organizations that offer debt counseling. Links to seven major Canadian banks can be found here, as well.

There are pages of links for mutual funds, real estate, investment software, tax and accounting, and stock brokers. You can browse through business newspapers and newsletters, or interact with other money minded people through internet newsgroups.

A new addition, still under construction, has us looking into the Future.

A disclaimer on every page reminds you that use of the information on these pages is at the readers' sole risk.

The URL to this very informative site is or you can get there from the CCNA Main Menu page by selecting the Special Interest Groups link and then Investment. You are invited to send your suggestions and comments to Robert Chong,


A Casual Conversation on Computer Security

Have you heard the latest about computer security on the Internet? A Russian hacker stole thousands of credit-card numbers from an on-line CD sales site and managed to post the numbers on a website before the site was shutdown.
So I guess computer security is only a concern if I am doing my banking, stock trading, or buying something on-line?

Not necessarily. For example, Valentine's Day is coming up. Do you care about confidentiality and privacy?

Why, of course!

Well, you might want to install an encryption algorithms and use services like ICQ to protect your e-mails and real time chats from hackers.

In that case, I should be okay because I use ICQ and a 64-bit encryption key. Besides, ICQ was invented by an Israeli company. For a country to be surrounded by its enemies, they should be on the cutting edge of security software.

Ironically, an expert in Israel has already announced that he broke a 512-bit encryption key. Currently, the 64-bit key is becoming increasingly vulnerable.

So are there any good solutions?

Security problems will be ongoing. A million bit key is being marketed by Meganet Corp. of Los Angeles and its chairman says that 100 per cent security cannot actually be hit. You can come close though.

Meanwhile, we can all avoid using common words or personal information as passwords or leaving them where others can find them. Something to note is that 80 per cent of security breaches are caused by insiders and not by outside hackers.

Money Makes The World Go 'Round But * Love *
Makes It All Worth Living...

Valentine's Day is right around the corner. That means.... CHOCOLATE!!!!

Seriously, Valentine's Day has an interesting history. Did you know there were THREE St. Valentines? See the Catholic Encyclopedia for the story about the name of this day. It hasn't always been an occasion for candy and flowers as the Valentine's Day: Not Like It Used to Be site can tell you.

In present day, it's an occasion for mushiness. Surprise your signficant other by saying "I Love You" in languages ranging from Afrikaans to Klingonaase to Zazi. Everything Valentine has everything from classic love poems, Top 10 romantic movie lists, valentine stories and much more to get you in that romantic mood.

For those of us who are still looking for that special someone, is a relatively new site that is geared towards finding and keeping relationships, with links to many other matchmaker sites. On the lighter side, The Love Calculator calculates the probability of a successful relationship between 2 people based on their names. For example, when asked about the likelihood of Irene Adler and Sherlock Holmes of getting together, the Love Calculator gave a score of 41%, saying that there was not a big chance of a relationship working out but that a relationship was possible. Depending on how you view their interactions in the Sherlock Holmes stories, this could be considered relatively accurate.

Burned by that last relationship? Looking for some unconditional love? *Why not check out the Calgary Animal Services which always has dogs looking for a loving owner. Cats can be found at StreetCats (Note: not very text friendly site). The Humane Society has dogs, cats, rabbits and lots more types of animals looking for a little loving (Note: this site is not very text friendly either).

*Too much work still? Well, you can always curl up with a forgiving teddybear. It'll never talk back or bark annoyingly when you curl up with that chocolate candy and a good book or movie, as you wait for the mushiness level to dissipate for yet another year.

* Chocolate Love *

* Hershey's Chocolate Decorating Ideas * I Love Chocolate * Virtual Chocolate *

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Did You Know?

Print documents without opening them by adding your printer to the Win9x SendTo menu (accessed when you highlight and right-click on any file in a Windows Explorer or My Computer window). Open C:\WINDOWS\SENDTO and create a shortcut there for your printer. Your printer will now appear the next time you access the SendTo menu.

Thank you to Robert Chong for this issue's Did You Know tip!

Happy Groundhogs Day!

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