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Vol. 2, No. 1,
January 15, 2000

* What's Going On? Word From the Board

The following information is based on Committee reports submitted to the Board for their December 16, 1999 meeting.

Help Desk Committee:

On average the number of e-mail messages to Help Desk for the period of November 15 till Dec 15 1999 were approximately 40-45 messages. Broken down they were:
  • seven emails from the System Adminstrator advising about PPP/Member/Telnet account expiries.
  • approximately 35 questions (pertaining mostly of Member and PPP setup and how-to questions).
  • Email messages from happy, very valued, members.

IT / PAT Commitees:

Kerby Centre -- Our terminals will be moved into another room. The current room is a Lab where Kerby classes are also held, making it difficult to help internet users.

Old Y Centre -- Canada West is no longer sponsoring the Old Y's phone line connection and has had it disconnected. To keep this PAT site we would have to have the line reconnected and pay for it. The Old Y houses a number of non-profit organizations at inexpensive rent rates.

Milican-Ogden Family Resource Centre -- The new PAT site is up and running. Quite acceptable performance with 4 Pentium 166 terminals concurrently accessing Internet through our router and modems.

Golden Age Club -- Two graphical terminals, router and printer have been set up. The phone line still needs to be activated.

Schizophrenia Society -- The PAT site is up and running with three graphical terminals and a printer. An IT Committee volunteer gave a two hour training session to staff and clients. Some equipment at this PAT site belongs to the Schizophrenia Society.

Modem Rack Upgrade -- Don Ingram is obtaining information on upgrade alternatives and submitted some preliminary information to the IT Committee.

Office Equipment -- Moved filing cabinet, files, fax machine etc. from University of Calgary storage space to Library office location. University IT office recycled the computer equipment considered unusable. The move was prompted by the University needing the room for courses.

Donation -- Evaluated a donation of 10 CPUs, 10 Keyboards and 4 serial mice from Sphere Energy Corp for possible use by CCNA.

Information Provider Committee:

A volunteer lawyer has been contacted to review our current User agreement. The IP Committee is also working on updating our brochure.

Fund Raising Committee:

Calgary Foundation -- We have been notified that we have received $10,000.00 from the Calgary Foundation to assist in administering the Central Library PAT site. The presentation ceremony will be held January 10, 2000 at the 4th floor, Central Library PAT site.

The Calgary Community Lottery Board Grant was approved to purchase 56k modems for PAT sites. This would mean upgrading the sites at no additional costs to the Society.

Kahanoff -- Received a $15,000 cheque from Kahanoff Foundation.

Max Bell Foundation -- A report has been sent to the Max Bell Foundation with the expectation that contracted second year funds will be released.

VolNet has become a collaborative effort involving The Calgary Community Net, the Calgary Centre for Non-Profit Management, the Vocational Rehabilitatioin & Research Institute, Volunteer Calgary, the Calgary Community Adult Learning Association, and the Calgary Foundation. Our original proposal was submitted in August and was returned for revision. This project is much larger than originally conceived. Two hundred non-profit organizations are expected to be on-line in nine months, twenty percent of them rural.


The University of Calgary is contracting out some of their technical services to Telus. If we were to agree to do this with our server, it would mean entering into a five year agreement. U of C are retaining their fee for service use to students and the university community. This would free up some 56k modems. We do have the Community Lottery Board Grant. In either case, we would have access to 56k modems.

Wendell Richards was appointed Board President.

Shirley's term of Executive Director, which expired December 31, 1999, was extended to the date of the Annual General Meeting (some time in May).

Jan Matya has indicated he cannot continue his treasurer's duties as he may be accepting an employment offer overseas. Rennu Jagdev has offered to fill this position.

Wanda Martin has resigned from her Board member position to focus more time on other CCNA volunteer duties.

FOR MORE NEWS AND DETAILS -- the minutes to Board meetings are available for membership viewing at the CCNA office (now located on the S.W. corner of the 4th floor of the Calgary Public Library's Central branch). A membership card must be presented.


Want to help out?

Volunteer with the Calgary Community Network Association! For more information contact Shirley Barwise by phone (263-8080) or e-mail (

Donations Accepted and are Tax Deductable

We know that there are many people who have every intention of renewing their CCNA membership but have not gotten around to it. Please understand that we operate on a shoe-string budget.

Thanks to your support, Calgary Community Network Association is the success it is. However, our existence (and certainly the quality of what we bring to the community) is often threatened by shortfalls in revenue. On the other hand, a good renewal rate combined with other fundraising activities will allow us to grow and maintain an excellent level of service in terms of phone line availability, good public access, support and new features.

CCNA is a charitable organization. All donations made to CCNA receive tax deductable receipts.

We are NOT a government funded organization. We do everything we can to hold costs to a minimum, in the face of escalating expectations and some very real hard costs (eg. phone lines, staff salaries).

If you wish to make a donation, please add the amount of the donation to your membership payment.

Mail cheque money order or in person to:

Calgary Community Network Association
c/o W.R. Castell Library - 4th Floor
616 Macleod Trail S.E.
Calgary, AB T2G 2M2

VISA will be accepted by phone. Official receipts for your payment and donation will be mailed to you.

Keep the Calgary Community Network Association viable
-- please donate generously.

Is Your Computer Making You Sick and Tired?

*Many are discovering that prolonged computer use adversely affects the whole body. The body parts most commonly affected are the eyes, shoulders to hands, back, legs, and feet.

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One more note: "Feet and ankle swelling are often caused by a weak venous system that has been overburdened from standing or even sitting for too long."(3)

Plan on having a safer and healthier year by learning some of these tips and researching the references.


These references can be found at the Calgary Public Library:

(1) Harwin, Ronald, Healthy Computing - Risks and Remedies Every Computer-user Needs to Know, AMACOM, (1992): 20, 37, 48, 63.

(2) Sellers, Don, ZAP! How your computer can hurt you - and what you can do about it, Peachpit Press, (1994): 105.

(3) Siegfried Gursche MH, Encyclopedia of Natural Healing, Alive Publishing Inc., Burnaby, B.C., Canada, (1997) 683.


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Repetitive Strain Injury
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    * * * Input

    Hi there, Thanks for the newsletter, enjoy the holiday break and keep up the great work in 2000. John Belly [Dec. 21, 1999]

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