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Information Provider Program

The Information Provider program is one of the Community Network's more interesting endeavours.

Expanding on two of the Community Network's mandates: to provide access about public networks and to education network users, the Information Provider program helps non-profit organizations develop an internet presence. Non-profit organizations are offered considerable disk space for their site and considerable expertise from Community Network volunteers.

A list of Information Providers on our server can be found at here.

Prior internet knowledge is desirable but not necessary. Those organizations with web-savvy personnel can speak to Mentors, who will advise the organization on the Community Network policies and help answer questions about how to set up their existing webpage on our server. Many organizations have information to put on the World Wide Web but no-one to code the webpage. The Information Provider program can match up such an organization with a web-tech who can transform the organization's information into a webpage.

The Information Provider Committee oversees all this. If you would like to be a mentor or a web-tech drop the Information Provider Committee an e-mail: infopro@calcna.ab.ca
(Bring your own iguana.)

New: Our entire user agreement/ information package available as a PDF file. (viewable with Adobe Acrobat)

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To contact the Information Provider Committee, email: infopro@calcna.ab.ca
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