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September 2016 Links

September 06,2016---North American Police Soccer Tournament

September 07,2016---Green Energy Doors Open 2016

September 08,2016---Calgary Aphasia Centre

September 09,2016---MyRecipes

September 10,2016---Canadian Grandparents Rights Association

September 11,2016---Seek God Ministries

September 12,2016---Calgary Game Developers Association

September 13,2016---Calgary Hellenic

September 14,2016---Rockstar Finance

September 15,2016---All About Vision

September 16,2016---Coffee & Vanilla

September 17,2016---Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators

September 18,2016---Hope of Israel Baptist Mission

September 19,2016---Heritage Inn International Balloon Festival

September 20,2016---Community LAMDA

September 21,2016---Coaching Association of Canada

September 24,2016---Max Bell Foundation

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