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September 2015 Links

September 01,2015 ---Calgary SCOPE Society

September 02,2015 ---Art à la Carte

September 03,2015 ---Bredin Learning Centre

September 04,2015 ---Famous Taste of Alberta Beef

September 05,2015 ---Stephen's Backpacks Society

September 06,2015 ---OnePlace

September 07,2015 ---Calgary & District Labour Council

September 08,2015 ---Support Works

September 09,2015 ---Calgary Residential Rental Association

September 10,2015 ---Longevity Network

September 11,2015 ---Vegans and Vegetarians of Alberta

September 12,2015 ---Pacekids

September 13,2015 ---Honour based violence

September 14,2015 ---A Closer Look At Stem Cells

September 15,2015 ---The Mindful Eye

September 16,2015 ---musictheory.net

September 17,2015 ---Money On Trees

September 18,2015 ---Once a Month Meals

September 19,2015 ---Alberta Block Parent Association

September 20,2015 ---Monergism

September 21,2015 ---The Western Producer

September 22,2015 ---Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers

September 23,2015 ---Canadian Psychological Association

September 24,2015 ---4-H Alberta

September 25,2015 ---Canada Beef

September 26,2015 ---EvenStart For Children Foundation

September 27,2015 ---Wineskins

September 28,2015 ---Good Housekeeping

September 29,2015 ---Pathways

September 30,2015 ---United Way of Calgary and Area

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