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November 2016 Links

November 01,2016---Alpha House Society

November 02,2016---The Brenda Strafford Foundation

November 03,2016---Alberta Doctor Directory

November 04,2016---Healthy Locavore Recipes

November 05,2016---MOPS

November 06,2016---Biblica

November 07,2016---Potential Place

November 08,2016---Second Chance Animal Rescue Society

November 09,2016---Children’s Wish Foundation

November 10,2016---Charitable Foundation of the Family

November 11,2016---Wounded Warriors Canada

November 12,2016---Boys & Girls Clubs of Calgary

November 13,2016---Network of Christian Apologists in Calgary

November 15,2016---Calgary Legal Guidance

November 16,2016---Psychologists’ Association of Alberta

November 17,2016---Calgary Inter-Faith Furniture Society

November 18,2016---oh she glows

November 19,2016---Canada World Youth

November 20,2016---TheReligionofPeace

November 21,2016---Flying your drone safely and legally

November 22,2016---Aventa Centre of Excellence for Women with Addictions

November 23,2016---Calgary Sexual Health Centre

November 24,2016---sourceforge

November 25,2016---Eat Dangerously

November 26,2016---TalentEgg

November 27,2016---Youth For Christ

November 28,2016---Parrot Resource Centre

November 29,2016---Austrian Canadian Society & Cultural Centre

November 30,2016---The Ability Hub

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