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July 2017 Links

July 01,2017---Canada Day celebrations in Calgary

July 02,2017---The Sermon Notebook

July 03,2017---eBird Canada

July 04,2017---Alberta Craft Council

July 05,2017---Travel Channel

July 06,2017---Calgary Outdoor Recreation Enthusiasts Society

July 07,2017---Calgary Stampede Pancake Breakfast

July 08,2017---Granary Road

July 09,2017---Compassion Canada

July 10,2017---Alberta Riparian Habitat Management Society

July 11,2017---Nomadic Matt’s Travel Site

July 12,2017---Popular Photography

July 13,2017---Tourette Canada

July 14,2017---smitten kitchen

July 15,2017---Adventure Parents

July 16,2017---FaithGateway

July 17,2017---Babe Ruth Calgary

July 18,2017---Alberta Conservation Association

July 19,2017---MyHomeIdeas

July 20,2017---daveberta.ca – Alberta Politics

July 21,2017---Honey Recipes

July 22,2017---Fiestaval Calgary

July 23,2017---RELEVANT Magazine

July 24,2017---Green Monday

July 25,2017---The Trumpeter Swan Society

July 26,2017---Canada's Historic Places

July 27,2017---Hike Bike Travel

July 28,2017---Love & Lemons

July 29,2017---International Children's Digital Library

July 30,2017---The Lord is Calling

July 31,2017---Calgary Association of Lifelong Learners

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