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January 2017 Links

January 01,2017---Making Spiritual New Year’s Resolutions

January 02,2017---Breakfast Club of Canada

January 03,2017---Injury Prevention Centre

January 04,2017---The SHARP Foundation

January 05,2017---Calgary Lithuanian Cultural Society

January 06,2017---Foodie Crush

January 07,2017---STEAM Horizon Awards

January 08,2017---FindHim.org

January 09,2017---Get Smarter About Money

January 10,2017---BookZZ

January 12,2017---World Horseback Archery Federation

January 13,2017---Tablespoon

January 15,2017---Release International

January 16,2017---Nursing Home Abuse Support

January 17,2017---Native Counselling Services of Alberta

January 18,2017---Calgary Multicultural Choir

January 19,2017---Recovery Acres

January 20,2017---Campbell Soup

January 21,2017---Cornerstone of Hope

January 22,2017---Desiring God

January 23,2017---Ogden 50plus Centre

January 24,2017---Psych Central

January 25,2017---Calgary Scandinavian Centre

January 26,2017---Canadian CED Network

January 27,2017---The Woks of Life

January 28,2017---China Family Adventure

January 29,2017---Gospel for Asia

January 30,2017---Racquetball Canada

January 31,2017---Canadian Indonesian Social Club

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