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December 2017 Links

December 01,2017---Mr. Food Test Kitchen

December 02,2017---Coalition for Children

December 04,2017---ArtOfWellBeing

December 06,2017---Alberta Council on Aging

December 07,2017---Qne Mile at a Time

December 08,2017---Feast Magazine

December 09,2017---Rock Guitar Shelter

December 10,2017---Guideposts

December 11,2017---Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra

December 12,2017---One Crazy House

December 13,2017---Workers’ Resource Centre

December 14,2017---North East Family Connections Society

December 15,2017---The Endless Meal

December 16,2017---Missing Children Society of Canada

December 17,2017---Canadian Lutheran

December 18,2017---Oxford House Foundation of Canada

December 19,2017---Student Legal Assistance

December 20,2017---Alberta Elder Abuse Awareness Council

December 21,2017---Elements Calgary Mental Health Centre

December 22,2017---Edible Communities

December 23,2017---Futurpreneur Canada

December 24,2017---Ethnos Canada

December 25,2017---Christmas Lights in Calgary

December 26,2017---Freedom

December 27,2017---Bredin Centre for Learning

December 28,2017---Canadian Investment Review

December 29,2017---The Spruce

December 30,2017---Year in Review: Canada in 2017

December 31,2017---Light Magazine

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