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The "Registration Page" of the Calgary Community Network Web Server accept information required by the Calgary Community Network Association for registration. ALL fields must be filled in, or the registration will be rejected. Please enter your complete mailing address as it should appear on a mailing label, (using capitalization and lower case letters where appropriate. The information entered is used to determine the username(s) suggested for your personal account.

Account Creation

The "Account Creation Page" of the Calgary Community Network Web Server takes the information entered on the Registration Page. This information is used to create a list of suggested user names for the registrant. Select the one from the list you prefer, this will be the user name created for you. The password that you set must be from 5 to 8 characters in length and will be entered twice. Because the password is not displayed on the screen, the system wants you to repeat it to verify you typed what you thought you typed. You are the only one that knows the password. If the password and verify fields don't match, the account will NOT be created. If the account creation is successful, the user name you selected and the password you entered should be used for your next login to the Calgary Community Network..

Calgary Community Network Association
Last revised July 2018