Our aim has been to provide universal access to advanced information services and computer networks, and to strengthen the relationship between the community at large and its citizens. We feel we have succeeded to the best of our ability and resources, in fact, beyond our original expectations in many cases. For example, our Barriers Away Program has helped many disadvantaged individuals and families with free computer equipment and dial-up internet services. We were also participants in the Federal Government's Computer Access Program (CAP) and are still associated with 3 sites in the city that continue to provide free internet access to the public.

This has been made possible by the generous donations of our sponsors, through your membership fees, and the many hours of service provided for free by our corps of dedicated volunteers. However, we do need additional continuing funding if we are to keep on providing you with these services.

We need your support in terms of donations because we are NOT a government funded organization. We do everything we can to hold costs to a minimum, in the face of escalating expectations and some very real hard costs (e.g., phone lines).

Therefore we are asking you to consider making a donation as you are able for this worthy cause. Money offers us the greatest flexibility, but we also welcome goods and services if that works better for you.

The Calgary Community Network Association is a Registered Charitable Organization.  All donations of cash $10.00 and greater will receive Tax Receipts.  All goods donated are evaluated as to value and appropriate Tax Receipts are issued.
Note: Membership fees and dial-up access charges are not considered donations and Tax Receipts can not be issued for these.

Please contribute generously so that we can continue to provide a high level of service to you and make the Calgary Community Network a true community network in the information age. Inquiries and donations may be sent to the Calgary Community Network Association Office 

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To contact Calgary Community Network, e-mail: manager@calcna.ab.ca

Last revised February 2009 
Calgary Community Network Association