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How to Start a SIG (Special Interest Group)

What is a SIG?

A SIG is a page on the Calgary Community-Net which is designed to bring together all useful information on a particular subject. It is governed by one or more people who make up the SIG committee.

What does a person on a SIG committe do?

On each commitee there must be one person responsible for the HTMLing. In addition, each member of the committee must:
- Be willing to actively search for potential "links" to be added to the SIG.
- Participate in discussion over the nature, layout and content of the SIG.
- Attempt to generate traffic in freenet.* newsgroups (if any) on the same subject.
- Try to encourage local organizations in that area to put information on the Internet.

What subjects might make good topics for a SIG?

The following topics have come up as potential SIGs:

Books; Travel; Pets; Science-fiction; Sport SIGs (ie: Hockey, Soccer, ect.); Vegetarianism; Adoption; Politics; African/African-Canadian; Religion SIGs (ie: Christianity, Sikhs, ect.); Aboriginal; Computer/Software; Neighborhood/Area/Quarter SIGs (ie: North-East Calgary, High River, ect.); Home Fix-it; Women; Petroleum; Law.

If you have an interest in helping with a SIG in these, or any other areas, contact CCNA office.

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