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ac-tiv-ism ('ak-ti-"vi-zm)
: intentional action to bring about social or political change. This action is in support of or opposition to one side of a controversial argument.
[From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, May 22, 2008]

Calgary Activist Network
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Calgary Activist Network
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Calgary Activist Network

  • Action for Agriculture
    A responsible voice for Agriculture -- Action for Agriculture's goal is to create a public awareness of agriculture in Alberta's municipalities.

  • Action for Bright Children Calgary Society
    Promotes growth of awareness, understanding and services for children demonstrating high general intelligence and/or creative abilities and talents, and their families.

  • Aids Calgary
    Works together with partners in the community to create a caring and compassionate society in the face of HIV and AIDS.

  • Alberta's Promise
    Alberta's Promise is a movement to facilitate partnerships between communities, businesses, service clubs, foundations and agencies to work together to direct more resources to benefit our children and youth.

  • Alberta Association on Gerontology
    AAG is committed to addressing the issues raised by older adults and those who work with them.

  • Alberta Civil Liberties Research Centre
    Promotes awareness among Albertans about civil liberties and human rights through research and education.

  • Alberta EcoTrust
    As a strategic alliance of businesses, environmental groups and community members, Alberta Ecotrust raises and distributes funds to registered non-profit organizations for grassroots projects twice a year.

  • Alberta Wilderness Association
    Alberta's longest-standing conservation group dedicated to conservation and the completion of a network of protected areas, including the preservation of wilderness lands and waters throughout Alberta.

  • Albertans for Ratifying Kyoto (ARK)
    Alberta voices in support of Ratifying Kyoto Protocol. The Kyoto Protocol is the only existing international agreement devoted to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in an effort to slow the process of climate change. (See also Friends of Science for a critical scientific assessment that challenges the premises of the Kyoto Protocol.)

  • Amnesty International - Calgary
    Amnesty International is a worldwide campaigning movement that works to promote all the human rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international standards.

  • Arusha
    A collectively run, member-supported organization that provides resources and programming on local and global social justice issues.

  • Brenda Strafford Foundation
    Actively explores new opportunities to benefit humanity, especially in situations where extreme poverty exists.

  • British Pensioners Association - Western Canada
    The goal of the Association is to assist those who are entitled to receive a British Pension in obtaining it and to fight for index linked seniors pensions.

  • Calgary Alternative Transportation Cooperative
    A member-owned democratic co-operative, incorporated to promote, develop and operate transportation alternatives in Calgary.

  • Calgary and District Labour Council
    Advocate for workers rights in Alberta.

  • Calgary Birth Control Association
    Offers non-judgemental support and information to help women make confident, well-informed decisions.

  • Calgary Children's Initiative
    Committed to making Calgary a place where children grow to become the best they can be and to make our city a better place for children to live and thrive. By taking action today to help kids grow into healthy adults, they are better prepared to parent a new generation of healthy children tomorrow.

  • Calgary Coalition for Social Justice
    A body of diverse, autonomous organizations and individuals dedicated to eliminating police brutality and united in promoting, advocating and protecting the human rights of all people.

  • Calgary Communities Against Sexual Abuse
    Provide short term individual and group counselling as well as operate a 24 hour crisis telephone line: (403) 237-5888.

  • Calgary Critical Mass
    A monthly mass-cycle event that asserts the rights of non-car traffic to share the roads. Cyclists meet on the last Friday of every month, 5:30 pm at the Eau Claire Plaza.

  • Calgary Culture-Jammers
    People engaged in social justice and environmental activism.

  • Calgary Dollars [formerly Bow Chinook Barter Community]
    A grassroots initiative that brings together local talents and resources to strengthen our local economy and build community. It connects businesses and individuals who want to get what they need without using money.

  • Calgary Freedom to Read Week
    Freedom to Read Week reaffirms your guarantee of access to all expressions of knowledge and intellectual activity, including those which some members of society may consider unconventional, unpopular or unacceptable.

  • Calgary Homeless Foundation
    Provides capital funding for housing projects and has committed itself to providing the vehicle for community consultation on homelessness issues and community collaboration on solutions.

  • Calgary Humane Society
    A cause-based organization born from a need for animals to be recognized as significant beings. Promotes and supports an environment which will create healthy, caring, loving and responsible homes for all companion animals.

  • Calgary Immigrant Women's Association
    Established to address the needs and concerns of immigrant and refugee women, youth, children and families.

  • Calgary John Howard Society
    Dedicated to reducing crime and increasing community safety by providing direct services to individuals at risk, advocacy, and education.

  • Calgary Outlink [formerly Gay and Lesbian Community Services Association]
    Provides support, safety and fellowship to Calgary's GLBTQ (Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender/Two Spirited/Questioning) community.

  • Calgary Rainforest Action Group
    A group of Southern Alberta citizens concerned about global deforestation who attempt to raise the public's awareness of forests destruction around the world and what can be done to stop it.

  • Calgary Scope Society
    Works in alliance with people with disabilities, their families and friends, and other community members to understand problems and create solutions to personal and social justice issues.

  • Calgary Sierra Youth Coalition
    Share a desire to believe, to protect, and to act. Believe in a strong community, open to all. Always looking to have a great time!

  • Calgary Status of Women Action Committee
    Committed to strengthening the social, political and economic position of women through education and action. Produces Herland Film Festival.

  • Calgary Tobacco Reduction Action Coalition (CTRAC)
    The Calgary Tobacco Reduction Action Coalition (CTRAC) is a coalition of health organizations committed to reducing tobacco use and secondhand smoke exposure for Calgarians. Smoke Free Calgary

  • Canadian Centres for Teaching Peace
    bring together all peoples of the world in the promotion of lasting peace through "thinking globally and acting locally", building peace in the community, strategic action planning, networking, information sharing, etc.

  • Canadian Coalition for Responsible Environmental Solutions
    Represents business organizations, industry associations and consumer advocacy groups that support a Made in Canada solution to deal with this important global issue.

  • Canadian Grandparents Rights Association
    Dedicated to raising awareness about grandparents rights. They offer support, information and referrals to grandparents who are denied access to their grandchildren and dont know where to turn for help.

  • Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS)
    Dedicated to preserving the integrity of Alberta's parks and wilderness

  • Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan (CW4WAfghan)
  • A volunteer solidarity network founded in 1996, with members from over ten chapters and affiliated groups across Canada, committed to raising awareness to the plight of women in Afghanistan.

  • provides information about immigration, minorities and jobs in Canada including migration policy, immigrant associations, forum, statistics, free job wanted postings, research papers. English and Spanish version.

  • Child Find Alberta
    Provides valuable resources in the location of missing children.

  • Computer Recycling Society (C.R.S.)
    Focuses on diverting computers from the landfill.

  • CUSO
    Supports alliances for global social justice. Works with people striving for freedom, gender and racial equality, self-determination and cultural survival. CUSO shares information, human and material resources, and promotes policies for developing global sustainability.

  • Disability Action Hall
    A place where people with disabilities and their allies can talk about rights.

  • Electronic Recycling Association
    An organization that works with the public and private sector collecting old computers and electronics to recycle and donate freely to schools and charities.

  • Elizabeth Fry Society of Calgary
    Established to address the needs of women in conflict with the law. Programs, workshops and counseling services attempt to address root causes in order to facilitate a woman's rehabilitation back into society.

  • Engineers Without Borders
    Engineers helping developing nations.

  • Fair Vote Canada - Calgary
    Provides concerned citizens, community leaders and activists with an organizational framework to build a nationwide grassroots campaign for voting system reform in Canada.

  • Food Not Bombs Calgary
    An anti-poverty, anti-war group that collects food from grocery stores, bakeries, markets and gardens then prepares free community meals and hampers. They also provide food at protests and other community events.

  • Friends of Medicare
    Committed to preserving a single comprehensive public health care system accessible to all citizens.

  • Friends of Nose Hill
    An incorporated society dedicated to the preservation of Nose Hill Park for all users.

  • Green Calgary
    Assists all Calgarians to lead an environmentally friendly lifestyle. They have conducted environmental education, awareness, recognition and action programs in Calgary since 1978.

  • Green Party of Alberta
    An alternative to the policies of consumption, unlimited economic growth, and environmental degradation, advocated by other political parties.

  • GreenPeace Canada
    Independently funded, GreenPeace works to protect the environment by challenging harmful practices by government and industry.

  • Grizzly Bear Alliance
    Committed to maintaining a healthy and self-sustaining grizzly bear population in Alberta through education, collboration, conservation advocacy, and grassroots campaining.

  • Kananaskis -- G8 Summit
    Developed by, the Alberta Wilderness Association and the Calgary-Banff Chapter of the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society to educate people from around the world about the threats facing Kananaskis Country - from the 2002 G8 Summit and from commercial and industrial development.

  • Kids First Parent Association of Canada
    We are a communications network of people working to better the lives of children. They endeavour to raise the social status of time devoted to unpaid child care.

  • Latin American Community Association
    To advocate and protect the best interests of Latin American nationals living in Calgary, Alberta regardless of their place of birth, political, or religious beliefs.

  • Light Up the World Foundation
    Delivers light to Third World communities without electrical power.

  • Multiple Sclerosis - With "Attitude" Association
    A group of people with Multiple Sclerosis who are not prepared to sit around waiting for a cure. "We want to face MS head-on, take action to help ourselves and promote recovery. Above all, we are people who want to get on and live life to the full no matter what hurdles MS may set in our way!"

  • The National Citizens' Coalition
    Canada's foremost organization for the defence of our basic political and economic freedoms.

  • Nuclear Free Alberta  NEW!
    A grass roots movement opposed to the nuclear industry's plan to make Alberta a producer of nuclear energy.

  • Peace Calgary
    An informal network of peace activists and organizations who support diverse peace efforts.

  • Pembina Institute
    Provides policy research leadership and education on climate change, energy issues such as oilsands and coalbed methane, and advancements in sustainable energy solutions.

  • Pride Calgary Association
    Promotes awareness and pride amongst the gay, lesbian and bisexual community, particularly during Pride Week, but also throughout the year.

  • Progressive Group for Independent Business
    Founded in 1992, the PGIB has been a strong advocate for less government, lower taxes and political accountability at all levels of government

  • Project Tinman
    University of Calgary medical and the Alberta College of Art and Design students working to alleviate HIV/AIDS in the developing world.

  • Project Ploughshares
    Promotes disarmament and demilitarization, the peaceful resolution of political conflict, and the pursuit of security based on equity, justice, and a sustainable environment.

  • Raging Grannies
    A group of older women who sing politically conscious, but non-partisan, protest songs so that children may live on a peaceful and friendly planet, safe from war, injustice and pollution.

  • Revolutionary Knitting Circle
    Creates community and local independence by fostering community and providing opportunities for dialogue across class, gender, ethnicity, age and other social boundaries.

  • Sierra Club - Chinook Group
    Focuses on the loss of animal and plant species, deterioration of the earth's oceans and atmosphere, presence of toxic chemicals in all living things, destruction of wilderness areas, spiraling population growth, and over consumption.

  • Solidaridad Venezolana en Calgary
    Solidaridad Venezolana en Calgary is a voluntary organization formed by individuals working to propose alternatives for the problems affecting Venezuela. Our mision is to promote the constitutional rights of freedom and the respect of civil, political and human rights in Venezuela.
  • Southern Alberta Land Trust Society (SALTS)
    Dedicated to conserving the environmental, economic and cultural values of Alberta's rangelands.

  • Sustainable Calgary
    Promotes, encourages and supports community level actions and initiatives that move Calgary towards a sustainable future.

  • University of Calgary EcoClub
    An award-winning group of environmentally concerned students working hard to reduce the University's impact on the environment.

  • Vibrant Communities Calgary (VCC)
    A convening organization that brings together individuals concerned about poverty and its effects. Committed to developing and implementing long-term strategies to address the root causes of poverty in our community, the VCC partnership is comprised of Calgarians living on low incomes and representatives from government, business, labour, faith communities, and health, education and non-profit organizations.

  • Weaselhead Glenmore Park Preservation Society
    The Weaselhead/Glenmore Park Preservation Society is a non-profit organization committed to maintaining the ecologically significant Weaselhead Natural Environment Area.

  • Women for Women in Afghanistan
    Canadian volunteer solidarity group committed to raising awareness to the plight of women in Afghanistan.

  • Work Well Calgary
    Envisions a workplace that incorporates a balanced, cooperative, democratic, flexible life style for the individual, into an environmentally sustainable prosperous economy.

  • Kananaskis G-8 Summit Information

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