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The Calgary Community Network's Non-Profit Organizations in Calgary is meant to be a reference source to not for profit clubs, organizations, and associations with offices in Calgary or its surrounding area.

This section is volunteer maintained. New links to organizations are added monthly, as they are found, or by request!

To add your web site, e-mail your link request (complete with web site address) to : CCNA Office


"Our organization does not have a homepage, yet. How do we get on the Community Net list?"

No problem! Your organization can become a Calgary Community Network Information Provider. You can create and maintain your own pages with assistance from a Calgary Community Network volunteer. You're also a voting member of the Calgary Community Network Association.

For more information about becoming an Information Provider Member of the Calgary Community Net contact our office at:

Calgary Community Network
Suite 4060, 918-16th Avenue NW
Calgary, AB, T2M 0K3
Telephone: (403) 263-8080

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