Barrier Free Program

Calgary Community Network Association


Barrier Free Program:

The Barrier Free Program, began as a project of  the Calgary Community Network Association in May 2001. The project has become one of the ongoing programs of the Calgary Community Network Association. The vision of the program is to provide computers and Internet service to Calgarians who are otherwise unable to afford these vital tools in an information driven society.

Program Mission:

The mission of the program is to eliminate the barriers that prevent individuals from accessing basic Internet service and to enhance the quality of life of Calgarians by encouraging IT literacy within the areas of education, economic development and health.

Program Service, Help and Support:

The Barrier Free Program provides free computers and laser printers on a loan basis.  Free unlimited dial-up Internet service is also provided for one year. After that year, the clients can renew their Internet service for $125.00 per year for unlimited access or $45.00 per year for a limited access service of 2 hours per day.  Support to clients is provided by the Barrier Free staff and the Community Network's Help Desk staff and volunteers.

Since its inception, the Program has helped 142 families and individuals by the end of 2005. To qualify for this service, we require referrals from registered social service agencies, educational and/or health institutions. Referrals from church groups and community association groups will also be considered. The families being referred to us are financially not in a position to acquire computer, printer or Internet service.

The Barrier Free Program relies heavily on the generosity of Corporations and the public to donate CPUs, monitors, laser printers and other IT equipment. To give you some idea of the impact your generosity makes, here are some of the ways the Barrier Free Program has helped to change the lives of families referred to us.

The Barrier Free Program has assisted:

  •  Individuals unable to bank the traditional way because of disabilities and/or transportation problems to do on-line banking

  •  Single parents going to school, complete and email their homework assignments while in the comfort of their homes so that babysitting is not an issue.

  •  Individuals diagnosed with illnesses and disabilities research these conditions on the Internet and acquire knowledge and support from support groups.

  •  Refugees and immigrants from war-torn countries acquire computers and the Internet to help them with ESL and job searches.

  •  Isolated and depressed adults with no support find friendship and a new lease of life via the Internet.





Donations and Volunteering:

This program would not be possible without donations, volunteerism and support. If you are interested in helping us with this program and would like to donate or volunteer, please call the program office at (403) 234-7663 or you may email us at:        Charitable Tax Receipts are provided upon request.






We would like to most sincerely thank the following Organizations for their financial support:

We would also like to thank the following Equipment Donors