1000 B.C. 575 A.D. South Arabia kingdoms of Saba, Qataban, Maain, Hadhramaout, and Ausan flourish.
500 B.C. Construction of great dam at Marib.
Late 300s occupation of South Arabia by Ethiopian for 40 years.
575 Sasamid emperor chosros I send troops requesting clissident to conquer Sabean kingdom.
628 Iranian strap in Yemen embraces Islam.
661 - 750 Yemen under Umaryad governors.
750 - 822 Yemen under Abbaised governors.
822 -1037 Nau Ziyad dynasty rules most Yemen, instability through most of 9th & 10th centuries because of conflict with Zaydis, Ismails, and small Yufirid state.
Late 800s Al-Hadi ilal Haqq Yahya, founder of Zaydi imamate in Yemen is invited to mediate northern tribes.
1038-73 Yemen is ruled by Mahdid Dnasty (indigenous Sunni family).
1515 Yemen attacked Mumliks of Egypt
1517-1636 Ottoman rule Yemen (east & southern part) until nationalist uprising under Zaydi immams forces them to abandon S. Arabia.
1618 British begin establish trading centers in Mocha.
1658 Zaydi Imam Muayyad Mohamed reunites old Himyartie Kingdom as far east as dhofar, the last time all Yemen under on rule.
1731 Lahij and Aden become independent from Zaydi Immam,and areas to the east beginning to accept British "protection".
1839 British Seize Aden.
1857 British occupy Lahij.
1886 British sign formal protection treaty with Hadhramaout sultan.
1925 Immam Yahya seize Hodeidah from the Idrist amirs (Turkey)
1934 Treaty of Sanaa between the British, Immam Yahya,and king of Saudi.
1948 Immam Yahya assassinated. Ahmed become the king (his son)
Mid 1950s Local groups opposed to British rule emerge in Aden.
1954 British (BP) construct oil refinery in Aden.
1962 Immam Ahmed dies in his sleep, military coup in Sanaa.
1967 British withdraw from Aden and NLF takes over and establishing (PDRY)
1977 The north Yemen head of state Ibrahim Hamdi assassinated in Sanaa one day before scheduled to departure for meeting with south Yemen leaders.
1979 Last border fight between north and south Yemen forces.
1986 First stage of South Yemen's military & communist body breaking up
1990 The two Yemen united
1994 Newly united Yemen went thru two months civil war with unsuccessfully attempt of separation by the south Yemen leaders.